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Simic Titan-Field: Replacing Valakut with Oko





Last Friday we took a somewhat satirical look at the Modern format of late, where the formula has felt a lot like "put Oko in every deck!" But while we were certainly going a bit over the top for effect, there was frankly a lot of truth buried in the satire. Realistically, Oko has fundamentally altered the shape of Modern as a whole and will continue to do so until such time that it is not legal any more.

Primeval Titan
Field of the Dead

One of the most interesting developments has been the addition of Oko to somewhat classic Titan-Shift decks. Now of course, these decks are usually built around Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle (and very few, if any, Red cards), but with Oko in the mix they find a new path in eschewing Red entirely for a light Blue splash and Field of the Dead. The result is a slightly slower but much more resilient deck that handles many of Titan-Shifts biggest threats (Death's Shadow, Devoted Druid, Blighted Agent, etc) while also giving it a very low cost and off-plan threat against interactive decks.

Plus, 20 of the decks 60 cards were printed in 2019! If that's not a blueprint for success I don't know what is.

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:05:41

Match 2 - 00:56:59

Match 3 - 01:13:25

Match 4 - 01:30:48

Match 5 - 01:45:30

This deck is certainly not set in stone yet, as there are a lot of questions.

Walking Ballista
Hydroid Krasis
Nature's Claim

We got absolutely rolled by the Affinity deck, as we have almost no answers to artifacts and enchantments and are very soft to fliers. Our threat base is certainly up for debate with cards like Hydroid Krasis and Walking Ballista being possible additions, and even the mighty Tireless Tracker didn't feel awesome. There is still much tuning to be done.

Castle Garenbrig
Once Upon a Time

However, there's no doubting the power that is here. While we are a little slower than a traditional Valakut deck, the resilience in the face of disruption, varied plans of attack, and interactive tools of our own are all excellent. Castle Garebrig is a hell of a Magic card. Furthermore, while we didn't get to play against it this deck lines up very well against the current grindy builds of Simic Urza, the format's de facto "best deck."

If you want to cast Primeval Titan in Modern, this is a great new way to do it!

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