Darkest Hour
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Magic Mics: Son of a Bridge


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Airdate - 7/10/2019

First Pick


Son of a Bridge:

Commander Bans:

Gather the Townsfolk

MTGA Dev Update:

Arena’s Season Pass:

BDM Has Thoughts on Prerelease - Kill it:

Corpse Knight Obsoletes Corpse Knight:

Reuben Plays Twitch Rivals:

Javier Dominguez Wins Red Bull Untapped:

Lotus Field Original Art Shatters Auction Record:

Arena’s Official Release 2019:

Commander at MTG Vegas:

MTG Nexus:

Desperate Ravings

MTGA: Spamming Cat Demolishes Opponent:

Store Digs In Against London Mulligan:

Judge John Temple Stepping Down - Replaced by Meg Baum:

Splash Damage

Dungeon Masters for Hire:

Are Hearthstone Cards Too Sexy?:

The Finisher

This week’s Banned and Restricted update saw great upheaval in multiple formats, what with Bridge from Below, Paradox Engine, and Iona, Shield of Emeria hitting the bench and Painter's Servant coming back in from the cold. Now, not everyone is happy with these changes (particularly Faithless Looting once again avoiding the hammer) and furthermore people aren’t super excited with the myriad of other unbannable options left wanting. So in the future, after more cards hit the graveyard (and make a bunch of 2/2 black Zombie tokens as a result) what are you hoping to see a return from in the format of your choosing?