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Magic Mics: RSVPissed


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Airdate - 1/31/2019

First Pick

Mythic Invitational details:

The “And” of MTG Arena:

  • Separate banlists for Bo1 vs Standard
  • Sideboarding is “too difficult a skill for esports fans to master”; want to replicate “exactly what they watch”
  • “Duo Standard” - bring two decks (can be the same), alternate G1 and G2, choose G3
  • $250k to first place
  • Qualifying in top 8 slots of Constructed Ranked play; get hotel/airfare, 4-day PAX badge for themselves + 1

Invite rules:

Don’t hurt yourself trying to qualify:

BBD on a split community:

Gather the Townsfolk

Coverage Confusion

Top 8 looked like crap in NJ:

Reid's Mother Disappointed:

Magic Announces Cut-Back:

What is For, Anyway?:


Rich Hagon:

Top 8 At Regular Seating:

Sajgalik: No More Consultants:

Kirsty's Open Letter:

Where's His Trophy?:

Raff's Thoughts:

Cedric Shares S. King's Post:

HotC Contacts WotC:

No More Photographer:


Mythic Edition:

Quantity in Source Code:

Second Wave:

They Replicated in the Mail!:

RNA Mythic Edition… still up for sale:


Magical Mystery Auction tomorrow - RNA x2 & UMA & MMA:

Magic stream today:

  • No news or details on MTG Portal app
  • Masterpieces will come back in Standard sets in some form. ‘Collector portion is underserved’
  • No MTG Arena mobile fate decided yet.
  • Ultimate Masters began as Graveyard masters and they went all-out instead
  • Wotc not phasing out Modern, pay attention for something in Feb
  • They’re not making budget cuts to coverage, they’re increasing…?

    • No coverage announcements until everything is nailed down
  • Matchmaking for Ranked draft changing to weigh heavily on win/loss vs ranking
  • Best of 3 - jump two slots. However, bug that treats all Bo3 games as Bo1 in terms of winning/losing affecting rank..?

Text coverage from CFB for GPs:

Helene Bergeot on text coverage:

Shaheen Soorani - Cancels GP Memphis trip:

Desperate Ravings

Half the judge leadership gone?

What is Pauper?

Shahar Shenhar Nexus Looped for 2 hours:

Mountain Goats:

Oliver Tiu on blast again:

Why would you travel and not preregister?

The Finisher

It’s been a week, y’all. Mythic Invitational, Mythic Edition, coverage going away, coverage returning, Nexus, Pauper, the judge program, and by god The Mountain Goats. Just like Hanukkah, a small quantity of news oil miraculously lit the show’s menorah for eight crazy nights. So since we have naught but 6 more days until the next Magic Mics, what, pray tell, do you think will be Magic’s next major announcement?