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Magic Mics: Knights of Autumn


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Airdate - 2/28/2019

First Pick

Mythic Championship - Autumn Burchett wins




Elaine on BDM:

Cards are cheap:

55k Viewers:

Shown in MTGA:

DQ in R15:

Gather the Townsfolk

Modern Horizons:

Originally “focus on ideas we’re unwilling to do in a Std-legal set.”


M20 Releases 7/12:

Stark & Juza step in it - MTGA T8 make MC:

LSV to give to 9th:

MTG Community All Stars (feat Evan & Erin!)

Cardhoarder unveils MTGO loan service:

MagicFest LA Coverage this weekend:

Seb’s new Kickstarter:

TCC OFFICE HOURS: TEYSA, where Reuben helped!

Desperate Ravings

New Mulligan Rule:

I Wonder What Changed:

Ian Duke Chimes In:

PSulli’s Thoughts:

MC London: WAR Limited and Modern:

Lack of Prep Available?:

Karla Ortiz:

Run up to 9 events (6 prev.) at WAR Prerelease:

Lotus for $166k for Alpha BGS 9.5:

PT = Mythic Champs; GP = Rare Champs; PTQs = Unc Championships; FNM = Com Champs:

Chandra comic #2 delayed...again:

Splash Damage

Hearthstone gets mulligan:

The Finisher

This week, the hit SYFY show The Magicians referenced Magic! Well, it is about magic and magicians after all, but no! This time it referenced Magic: The Gathering, specifically a villain trading information for a Black Lotus. Now, Magic and The Magicians go together perfectly, and with hit shows like Stranger Things referencing D&D, HASBRO properties are hotter than ever. So where else would you expect to see products from the largest toy maker in the world pop up in pop culture?