Darkest Hour
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Magic Mics: Myth Congeniality


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Airdate - 5/15/2019

First Pick

MPL Wroundup

MPL Spark Split:\

Weekly MPL Stream:

Launching into MPL Weekly Play:

GerryT Steps Down:

New Additions:

BenS’s Two Cents:

Whats-His-Name (Raymond? Roger?) is Disappointed:

Brian “Please Don’t Call Me “Brian “Brian Kibler” Kibler”” Kibler Chimes In:

Lucas Berthoud’s Statement:

Magic Esports’s Statement on Yuuya:

Yuuya’s Reaction:

BenS’s Two Cents:

Ross Merriam’s Thread:

Sperling Weighs In:

PSulli’s Thoughts:

Greg Orange Pipes Up:

Ari’s Article:


Nox’s Video:

Gather the Townsfolk

MED: Some Orders Won’t Get Gift:

And Then There’s This Asshat:

eBay Coupon Has an Expiration Date:

Huey’s Grandpa:

Simon Goertzen Steps Down:

Whimsy, Wonder & War: A Magic Art Show:

Alt-Art Shocks on MTGO:

Desperate Ravings

MCQ Winner Turns to GoFundMe for Airfare:

Dom Harvey Offers to Help:

Dana Fischer’s Twitter Account Vanishes:

Daniela’s Patreon:

Roshen Eapen, Rookie of the Year Leader:

Splash Damage

The Broken Pact live at DnDLive on Saturday!

Games and Tariffs:

The Finisher

Space: The Final Frontier. NASA tweeted today that we’re going back to the moon, and this time it’s personal. Big news: permanent moonbases, coming by 2024. As JFK said, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” But keep in mind: it’s going to be boring. No dance clubs, no bowling alleys, no water parks, just hiking and stargazing and rock collecting as far as the eye can see. The best way to fill those hours as far as I can see is Magic. So let’s say that the Magic Mics were selected to be the Moon Mics. What Magic things are you packing in your airtight foot locker when you boldly go where no Magic player has gone before?