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Magic Mics: Light Up the Rage


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Airdate - 7/17/2019

First Pick

Conley Woods

Aaron Barich:

Gather the Townsfolk

Magic at SDCC 2019:

MTGMCIV Survival Guide:


Legacy Cube at Gen Con:

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Colored Artifacts Are the Future:


Javier Dominguez Hosting AMA:

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Desperate Ravings

Commander 2019 Themes:

Tim Aten's Take on Streamed Events:

Sheldon Gets a Death Threat:

I Can Haz Arena Ban?:

No More MCQs at MTG Atlanta?:

Grzegorz Kowalski Only MPL Player in Krakow:

Vincent Baker Challenges WotC:

The Finisher

This week we here at Magic Mics we premiered our Magic: The Gathering meets Dungeons & Dragons crossover project: Mics & Magic. And we're excited to show you chapter two next week for the continuing adventures of Gerbian Clinkbottom and Calamity Jane, where surely we will get into further hijinks. But it's a dangerous world out there. So with that in mind, what of Ravnica's many dangers do you definitely not want to see the next time we roll the dice?