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Magic Mics: Unsafeword


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Airdate - 9/19/18

First Pick

Evan: Tajic, Legion's Edge; Divine Visitation; Risk Factor

Reuben: District Guide, Venerated Loxodon, Goblin Cratermaker

Erin: Creeping Chill, Lotleth Giant, Etrata, the Silencer

Gather the Townsfolk

MTG Arena Open Beta / Guilds of Ravnica / Changes Coming:

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Desperate Ravings

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MTG Worlds Coverage | Draft

Red Zone

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Splash Damage

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Going Infinite


The Finisher

Today the trailer for MTG Arena dropped and with it came Magic's most iconic commercial since Bob from Accounting. It would have been enough for it to star notable internet celebrity and host of Spellslingers, Day9, but it also featured La Tortuga himself Danny Trejo. So now that we know the movie star and owner of Trejo's Tacos is also a big Magic buff, what cards other than Mr. Trejo's signature turn three Gigantosaurus are you thinking you'd like him to sign when he's slinging spells at the next Magic Grand Prix?