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In League with Morgan: Standard R/G Tokens


In light of my continued resistance to playing G/W Tokens, the widely acknowledged best-deck in the format, in order to bring you more variety, it may be surprising to you that I am, in fact, playing a tokens deck. This one, however, is made up of the classic (and occasionally festive) combination of Green and Red. I was drawn to the deck after a video by Pascal Maynard reminded me of the hypothetical spoiler-season deck featuring Hangarback Walker, Arlinn Kord, and of course, Chandra, Flamecaller.

Red/Green Tokens

This deck showed a lot of promise while people were speculating on the state of the format: it used one of a headlining planeswalker of the set and some all-stars from the prerotation format, it had lots of utility, and it played Chandra, Flamecaller. I was totally ready to give it a shot.

Match 1: W/U Humans

Match 2: Naya Midrange

Match 3: Bant Humans

After some frustrating rounds, I double-checked to ensure that I was playing lands, tweaked the deck to take out some of the cards that I considered “gimmicky,” and gave it one last shot.

Match 4: Bant Humans, Rematch

The results were a little heartbreaking. The deck was too clunky to be able to compete with the Humans decks, which would have bigger creatures faster, and the deck was too threat-light to really be able to pressure control decks (as seen in a video that was lost to time). That, on top of the mana issues that came up with an unfortunate amount of frequency, meant we did not get a lot of wins. There is a principle in deck-building where you should not make a deck worse just for the sake of being unique, and this league showed it. If you like playing with Nissa, Voice of Zendikar and Duskwatch Recruiter, play tokens. If you love Chandra, give the Naya Planeswalkers deck we saw in round two a shot!

Thanks for watching!

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