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In League with Morgan: Standard 4-Color Crush


I love spoiler season. One of the best things about it is seeing what splashy things I can do with the next set’s rares and mythics. Ishkanah, Grafwidow? I’m there. Tamiyo, Field Researcher? Don’t mind if I do. Liliana, Last Hope? Well, I’m coming around. I am not able to play with the most recent releases online quite yet, but I did want to showcase some of the more exciting mythics in Standard right now. All in one beautiful four-color deck.

Deck Tech

Match 1 vs Mardu Control

Match 2 vs White Eldrazi –

Match 3 vs White/Black Midrange

Match 4 vs Red/White Humans

Match 5 vs Bant Company

First, I would like to make sure that you understand how I feel about this deck: it was a BLAST to play. It plays like G/B or G/U ramp, but with more reach due to all of the reset buttons like Crush of Tentacles and Descend Upon the Sinful, and more early game thanks to Reflector Mage. This game plan tends to work best against creature decks. As you saw, the deck was able to stabilize against the Mono White deck, with resources to spare. To modify the deck, I want to streamline it and cut some of the cards that didn’t impress me. Instead, cards like Den Protector and World Breaker provide some great, resilient late game while Sylvan Advocate backs up Reflector Mage.

Main Deck:

  • -2 Descend Upon the Sinful
  • -1 Jace, Unraveler of Secrets
  • -3 Oath of Jace
  • +1 Den Protector
  • +1 Worldbreaker
  • +4 Sylvan Advocate


  • -1 Tragic Arrogance
  • +1 Planar Outburst

I will happily be revisiting this deck after Eldritch Moon’s release and trying to make the most out of Tamiyo, Field Researcher. It seems like a neat shell for her. See you next week!

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