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In League with Morgan: Standard Naya Tokens


I would like to start off this article by thanking Emma Handy, who shipped me this list a couple weeks ago along with some helpful tips on piloting the deck. Thanks Emma! I was looking for a fun deck to play this week, and I think that the deck I chose is a good approximation of a deck that one might find after Eldritch Moon: an old favorite with a twist!

Deck Tech

Match 1: R/G Ramp

Match 2: Bant Company

Match 3: Bant Humans

Match 4: R/W Humans

Match 5: G/W Tokens

This deck felt a little clunky, but I really liked the Red in the deck. The Dragonlord Atarka from the sideboard was very useful. What I want to do with the deck post-Eldritch Moon, however, is really take advantage of the G/W Humans synergies available in the set to make the deck more threat-dense at the low end. Having played against Thalia, Heretic Cathar during the prerelease, I was very impressed by it. I really enjoyed playing with Atarka, but I think this deck can get a similar form of inevitability using Brisela, Voice of Nightmares.

Maindeck (note: this new build is G/W only. The mana base should be adjusted accordingly):


Thanks for watching! See you next week!

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