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MTG Fast Finance - Episode 169: The Great and Secret Game


Left: James Chillcott (@mtgcritic) Right: Travis Allen (@wizardbumpin)

Segment 1: Fast Movers

Cliff and James deconstruct all of the latest price spikes, looking for meaningful trends and actionable data on cards including Lava Dart foils, Fact or Fiction, Flusterstorm, Sliver Queen & Scrying Sheets.

Segment 2: Cards to Watch

Your hosts identity some hot buys for your collection or spec box heading into early June, 2019.

Segment 3: Metagame Week in Review

The guys took a closer look at the results of the recent online tournaments for Standard and Modern.

Segment 4: Topic of the Week

James & Cliff go over all the most exciting cards from the first few days of Modern Horizons spoilers.

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