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Zendikar Rising Limited Set Review: Gold, Artifacts, and Land


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White | Blue and Black | Red and Green

We have made it to the final day of our Limited set review. After looking at all of the colors individually I think we have a good grasp on the different themes and synergies in the set. Today we will be looking at the Multicolored cards to discover just how important those themes actually are. Keep in mind that though multicolored cards are often the strongest cards in a format, they tend to rely more on synergy than other cards. Some of the ratings will be slightly lower based on the assumption that sometimes this synergy isn't there or can be hard to find.

This article is the fourth and final article, and in it I will be evaluating every Multicolored, Artifact and land card while scoring it on a scale of 1-5. These ratings are purely based on Limited formats and have no bearing on Constructed play. I would also like to note these ratings are based on how I believe the card will perform in an AVERAGE Sealed or Draft deck. Often this means a lower score for cards with great potential in a highly synergistic deck.

Rating - Explanation

1 - Ideally not making the cut in any of my Limited decks.

2 - Not good, but a necessity for curve filling and smoothing out draws.

3 - Value cards I am happy to fill my deck with.

4 - Cards to get excited about and Premium Removal.

5 - Reserved for cards that will win the game if left unanswered.


Akiri, Fearless Voyager
Akiri, Fearless Voyager - 3 - The stats are fine for the mana cost, and there is a fair amount of value in the text box to make this worth playing. I doubt many decks will be able to consistently get a ton of value out of it.
Brushfire Elemental
Brushfire Elemental - 3 - This is a fine playable in any deck, but its value goes up quite a lot if the deck has the ability to search for extra lands or pick them up. This could be as high as a 4 in the right deck.
Cleric of Life's Bond
Cleric of Life's Bond - 3 - This is a great card for the Cleric subtheme seen in the set. He does gain counters for any life gain and has decent base stats, so he's worth playing even without a ton of Clerics. If you have a few Clerics the value goes way up.
Grakmaw, Skyclave Ravager
Grakmaw, Skyclave Ravager - 4.5 - Getting two 3/3s for 3-mana at its base is really really good value. There is also a fair amount of counter synergy in the format, so it won't be hard to get even more value out of this card.
Kargan Warleader
Kargan Warleader - 3.5 - Good stats for the mana cost. Normally I would say this is a 3 and you can assume it will hit a few times on the ability, but wr actually has 13 common and uncommon Warriors. That is enough to assume this will be hitting a good amount even in an average deck.
Kaza, Roil Chaser
Kaza, Roil Chaser - 2.5 - Good in the Wizard deck, but a deck would need to have a fair amount of expensive spells to make the most out of this card. Happy to put this in any Wizard deck, but not sure how much work it's doing.
Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate
Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate - 4 - Huge flying body for the mana cost. Its abilities are both great if used correctly. This is a great card and I can't wait to draft this deck.
Lullmage's Familiar
Lullmage's Familiar - 3.5 - Solid body for the stats with a bit or ramp and life gain built in. Most of the lifegain payoffs are in other colors so this is just a bonus and not a synergy. Happy to run this in any ug deck.
Moss-Pit Skeleton
Moss-Pit Skeleton - 3.5 - 5-mana 5/5s are solid. It doesn't give any card advantage when it comes back, but it does help you consistently drop big threats that need to be dealt with.
Murasa Rootgrazer
Murasa Rootgrazer - 3.5 - This card is extremely valuable in landfall decks. It also is just insane value for its base stats and ability for only 2 mana.
Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients
Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients - 4 - Playing this planeswalker isn't a homerun like we've seen in other sets (as it should be), but she does add a lot of value and card advantage to the board over time. As long as you are not behind when playing this you will start to pull ahead. There are 19 wr warriors - It won't be hard to gain card advantage.
Nissa of Shadowed Boughs
Nissa of Shadowed Boughs - 5 - Umm excuse me? Did someone accidentally add "or graveyard" to this card and no one checked it?! This ability would be a bit slow and take a fair amount of time to generate a second -5 ability... IF THE WHOLE DAMN SET DID NOT DIG OUT LANDS AND PICK THEM BACK UP!
Omnath, Locus of Creation
Omnath, Locus of Creation - 1 - 100% a build around card. I don't love playing 4 colors in Limited. Filling a deck with fixing and land generation spells is fun - until you don't draw this.
Orah, Skyclave Hierophant
Orah, Skyclave Hierophant - 3.5 - Solid body and stats for the mana cost. If the deck has 5+ Clerics the value of this card goes way up, but it is still very playable in any bw deck.
Phylath, World Sculptor
Phylath, World Sculptor - 4.5 - This is the perfect bomb top end for a landfall deck, but it is also just amazing in any deck. Excited to play this and would even splash it.
Ravager's Mace
Ravager's Mace - 2.5 - The average deck won't want to play this, but if you have a reasonable chance to get 3-4 different party members out its worth playing.
Soaring Thought-Thief
Soaring Thought-Thief - 3.5 - Every time this cheap flier attacks it mills 2 cards. Do you know how fast 2 cards adds up in Limited?! It also does some other stuff and is actually good value as a body, but that's way less fun.
Spoils of Adventure
Spoils of Adventure - 3.5 - Great value and likely 4 or 5 mana to cast. It is also important to note that it is instant speed unlike a lot of draw spells. This is a well-rounded card packed with value.
Umara Mystic
Umara Mystic - 4 - This Wizard is better than the rare one. Even if the deck is not 100% dedicated to Wizards/spells there will be more than enough triggers to make this worth playing.
Verazol, the Split Current
Verazol, the Split Current - 3.5 - It is interesting that it even gets counters for the ug mana used to cast it. The average deck will be able to make a big dude that scales the later it's drawn, but a kicker deck will be able to get a ton of value out of those counters.
Yasharn, Implacable Earth
Yasharn, Implacable Earth - 4 - This is a really big body for 4 mana that enables landfall and ensures you hit higher land drops. There is nothing I don't like about this card.
Zagras, Thief of Heartbeats
Zagras, Thief of Heartbeats - 4.5 - Likely this will be castable for 4 or 5 mana, and when it enters the battlefield it has an immediate effect on the board state. Creatures that were unable to attack before are now able to do so. It also just hits the opponent for 4 in the air with no warning. Worth splashing. Love this card.
Zareth San, the Trickster
Zareth San, the Trickster - 4 - This card quickly becomes a 5 if the deck has any Rogue synergy, but even without it you can still get a lot of value with this card if it is not dealt with.


Cliffhaven Kitesail
Cliffhaven Kitesail - 1.5 - Flying is nice, but this does not impact the board enough to take up a slot in a deck. I doubt you want to board this in against other fliers.
Forsaken Monument
Forsaken Monument - 2 - Not worth playing in Limited.
Lithoform Engine
Lithoform Engine - 2 - SUPER slow, but given enough time this artifact will generate a few extra cards worth of value. Ideally. I would keep this in the sideboard for my grindy decks, and if an opponent is also grindy, bring it in.
Myriad Construct
Myriad Construct - 3.5 - This isn't a bomb, but it does offer a lot of value. The mana cost is good for the stats, and you get them twice! This is a great colorless rare to open in pack three.
Relic Amulet
Relic Amulet - 1/3 - Unplayable in anything other than the Wizards/spells deck. If the deck has only a reasonable amount of synergy you might just want another body, but if it is packed full of it, the damage will add up really fast. Make sure to use the charges when you can kill something and don't let them go to waste by letting them build up too much.
Relic Axe
Relic Axe - 1/2.5 - Does the deck have a lot of Warriors? No - 1 Yes - 2.5
Relic Golem
Relic Golem - 2 - I like Relic Golem a lot more than I should. If a deck has any other mill this will become a huge threat really fast. It is also a nice late game draw, but it is too much mana early to turn him on as an attacker. Save this for the Sealed pools if it is not a mill deck.
Relic Vial
Relic Vial - 2.5 - This works really well in decks that can generate tokens, or go wide in general. After reading this, the card that comes to mind most is Attended Healer! Holy smokes what a combo...White also has the most Clerics to make it work.
Sea Gate Colossus
Sea Gate Colossus - 2 - Party members are reasonably easy to find, so it is likely most decks will be able to cast this for around 5 mana. It is a fine idiot for 5 mana. Do not run this if the deck does not have those party members.
Skyclave Relic
Skyclave Relic - 1 - A bit expensive for fixing. I don't want to use a card slot for this.
Skyclave Sentinel
Skyclave Sentinel - 2.5 - This blocks well early and becomes a good attacker if the deck has any +1/+1 counter synergy. It also becomes a bigger threat the later it is drawn. Cards that scale with the game are always nice to have.
Spare Supplies
Spare Supplies - 1.5 - 4 mana to draw 2 is a bit expensive when there are a fair amount of other draw spells at our disposal. Not something I am looking to play.
Stonework Packbeast
Stonework Packbeast - 3 - This is the perfect card to fill a party role early and help cast other party cards early. Keep in mind that this only counts as one party member and does not fill the party on its own even though he is all of the types
Utility Knife
Utility Knife - 1 - The casting cost is fine for +1/+1, but the equip cost is way too high. There is no value in this card.


Base Camp
Base Camp - 1 - If the three color creature only deck exists it might want this, but I doubt I will be that desperate for fixing.
Crawling Barrens
Crawling Barrens - 3 - This is a really nice late game mana sink that allows you to add an extra body to the board once the deck no longer needs its mana.
Throne of Makindi
Throne of Makindi - 1 - Even if the deck has a fair amount of kicker spells I would still avoid playing this card. It essentially takes 2 mana over two turns to make 2 mana for another turn. To top it all off, drawing colorless mana can really suck.
Branchloft Pathway
Branchloft Pathway - 3 - Dual lands that don't come into play tapped are always good to pick up. These help smooth out opening hands a ton.
Brightclimb Pathway
Brightclimb Pathway - 3 - Dual lands that don't come into play tapped are always good to pick up. These help smooth out opening hands a ton.
Clearwater Pathway
Clearwater Pathway - 3 - Dual lands that don't come into play tapped are always good to pick up. These help smooth out opening hands a ton.
Cragcrown Pathway
Cragcrown Pathway - 3 - Dual lands that don't come into play tapped are always good to pick up. These help smooth out opening hands a ton.
Needleverge Pathway
Needleverge Pathway - 3 - Dual lands that don't come into play tapped are always good to pick up. These help smooth out opening hands a ton.
Riverglide Pathway
Riverglide Pathway - 3 - Dual lands that don't come into play tapped are always good to pick up. These help smooth out opening hands a ton.

As expected, the multicolored cards in this set are quite powerful. They do require a fair amount more synergy to be good compared to the multicolored cards we have seen in the past few sets. Overall, I think the different themes in the set are diverse enough to create a really fun Limited format.

These articles are used for draft ratings on Untapped.gg, and because of this we will be updating them periodically with new information and insight. Comments and discussions help me improve the articles and provide the best information for both other readers and Untapped.gg. So please feel free to comment below and give me your thoughts.

We made it! Thank you so much for reading my Limited set review and I look forward to reading your comments. See you next time!

Twitter: @MTGNerdGirl

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mtgnerdgirl

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