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Introducing the new Wizards Play Policy


Today Wizards of the Coast announced a new policy that seeks to improve and increase the opportunities for members of the Wizards Team to interact with the community. People love playing Magic and this new policy reflects that love.

Effective February 6th, 2015 members of the Wizards team and their family members will be able to participate in certain sanctioned tournaments and certain events held on Magic Online. From the announcement:

Under the revised policy, Wizards team members will be eligible to participate in Magic organized play events in the community with the following exceptions:

  • During a blackout period in which Standard or Limited (Sealed Deck and Draft) events allow a new booster set release, until the week after that set's release date.

    For example: Fate Reforged's release date was Friday, January 23, 2015, so had the policy been in effect this week, associates would have been allowed to participate in sanctioned Limited and Standard events starting Friday, January 30, 2015.

  • Events which are part of, or lead to, our Premier Magic Programs.

    Currently these events include: Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers, Pro Tour Qualifiers, Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers, Pro Tour, Grand Prix, Grand Prix Trials, World Magic Cup Qualifiers, World Magic Cup, the Magic World Championship, and Magic Online Championship Series Preliminaries and Finals.

  • Third party premier play-like events (e.g., StarCityGames.com Invitational Series, TCGplayer.com MaxPoint Series, etc.).
  • Any events where any prize exceeds $250.00 USD.
  • Wizards team members are required to introduce themselves to the tournament organizers before signing-up for an event, and tournament organizers have the right to deny admittance to Wizards team members for any reason.

    Additionally, on Magic Online, people who fall under the Wizards umbrella can participate in queues but not scheduled events. Members of the Wizards Team will be clearly identified in their username.

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