Out of this World ends Sunday!
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Joel Larsson Is Exquisite In Vancouver


Pro Tour Magic Origins has come to a close! Congratulations to Joel Larsson who burned his way to victory.

Both finalists were making their second appearance on a Pro Tour Sunday. Joel Larsson of Sweden, appearing in his second Pro Tour Finals, picked Red Aggro as his weapon of choice. Mike Sigrist of the United States decided to wield the pair of scissors that is Blue-Red Ensoul Artifact. With two aggressive decks squaring off the finals looked to be a lightning quick affair.

In the end it was Larsson and his red spells that were triumphant. Down two games to one the Swedish World Magic Cup Team Captain rattled off two wins in a row to clinch the second Pro Tour in a row for aggressive red strategies.

The finals went to five games. Larsson won the first with Sigrist picking up the next two. Game four was a close game with the mono-red deck coming out on top. Game five opened with Sigrist taking four mulligans to three cards but he could not assemble a competitive hand. Larsson had two copies of Eidolon of Great Revel to lock his adversary out of the game. Mike Sigrist earned the 2015 Player of the Year title by making the finals, but it was Larsson who comes away with the Pro Tour trophy.

The Top 8 decks can be found on the Wizards coverage page.

There were other titles determined this weekend. Justin Cohen earned Rookie of the Year honors and, as previously mentioned, Mike Sigrist is the Player of the Year.

We also saw Eric Froehlich, Shota Yasooka, and Willy Edel elected to the Pro Tour Hall of Fame.

Sunday also saw the unveiling of the Organized Play schedule for 2016.

For more information be sure to check the Official Coverage from Wizards of the Coast.

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