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Magic Duels Available Now


Magic Duels, the rebooted and free-to-play Magic game, is now available on iOS devices!

With both iPhone and iPad versions available, free-to-play Magic now stands side-by-side with other popular titles like Hearthstone in a saturated mobile gaming market. Steam (PC), Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are coming, but leading the way with mobile versions is a bold move by Wizards. Globally, Wizards has boasted millions Magic players but how that will compare across gaming platforms to the popularly of titles like Hearthstone - as evidenced by Twitch.tv - calls into question whether that's a favorable comparison.

Magic Duels promises content, updates, and more without changing the client, a different approach from the previous annual Duels of the Planeswalkers releases approach that required a $10 purchase to unlock the full game. Last year's version as heavily critizied for requiring booster pack micro transactions to unlock all the cards

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