Darkest Hour
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Azorius Taxes with Rudy Briksza


With a Legacy tournament in Syracuse around the corner, it seemed prudent to take some time and explore what I feel is the best positioned deck in Legacy: Death and Taxes. Since we already have a stellar cast of players working on the stock versions, I wanted to dance with the Blue cards to see what they bring to the table. While the Blue cards are awesome, the mana base needs to be changed. I ran into quite a few issues and I wouldn't have hated a 24th land. More often than not I'd get stuck in the early turns with plenty of things to do and not enough mana to do them. Moving forward I'd definitely want more mana available. I do, however, think the Blue cards are worth it, even if things didn't pan out in the two matchups I wanted them for. We soundly defeated the Delver and Stompy decks and I think those will be the most popular moving forward. There will be some Miracles, but I'm unsure if the match I played against it is representative of the matchup or if there was variance involved. More testing is required, but I'm happy where the deck is at the moment.

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:02:15

Match 2 - 00:16:08

Match 3 - 00:42:24

Match 4 - 00:58:02

Match 5 - 01:32:36