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Magic Online Legacy Grixis Control


This week, I take Grixis Control for a spin on Magic Online to test the waters for the Legacy GP in Richmond. While this deck isn't as powerful as the Four-Color Control deck of old it still has a powerful base to work from. While in Modern Jace, The Mind Sculptor has looked very average, in Legacy Jace is one of the scariest things you can do. This deck makes full use out of it with plenty of ways to protect yourself with cheap and efficient removal and utility of Snapcaster Mage and Kolaghan's Command. Gurmag Angler continues to show its dominance in Legacy but overall it's kind of a neat addition to the deck rather than a needed one. More often than not the removal suite and planeswalkers will help dominate every game. Post board the card I was the most skeptical of was Ensnaring Bridge but it shows up and does plenty of work. Overall, I can highly recommend this deck if you're looking to play control in Legacy. It can be a little prone to flooding but that happens when you play 21 lands.

Time Stamps

Match 1 - 00:02:33

Match 2 - 00:19:55

Match 3 - 00:44:41

Match 4 - 01:07:41

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