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This Week in Magic - 10/22 - 10/28



  • The Future of the Magic Show—Evan Erwin announces that the last episode of The Magic Show as we know it will be an upcoming episode featuring footage from Worlds in San Francisco.  Best of luck to Evan. TMS will be greatly missed by the community.
  • Graveborn—The first spoilers from the new Premium deck, Graveborn, has been released just in time for Halloween and Zombie pub crawls.
  • Altered Reality Challenge #4—Trick Jarrett announces the newest challenge for alteration experts—Winter Wonderland.

Standard and Block


Vintage, Legacy, and Modern

  • What’s New with What’s Old—Mike Flores looks at the current state of Legacy including the emergence of Scavenging Ooze.
  • Pet Decks—Christopher Walton talks about some admittedly dubious decks he just can’t shake including Mono-White Control.
  • Playing through the Daze—Gene Richtsmeier has six steps to effectively playing around Daze.
  • Classic Metagame Report—Enderfall breaks down the shifts in the Classic metagame going back to July of this year.

Casual and Variant Formats


  • State of the Format—Metagames shift weekly after the release of a new set.  Chad Harvas helps you profit from the predictable evolution of the most popular formats.
  • Awww Snap!—Mike Radecki discusses the snapback caused by the second wave of Innistrad being released, some token decks, and his top ten pickup list for the newest expansion.

Theory and Miscellany

  • Why MTG is not Geek Chic—Mike Linnemann on why Magic is still marginalized while so much of fantasy culture has become mainstream.
  • What’s your End Game—Gavin Verhey encourages others to envision their endgames and shares his 25 favorite articles from his column.
  • Lies my Larry Told Me—Matt Laidely invites you to re-consider the roles of probability and luck.
  • 3D Life Counters—Andrew Sitte has some of the most bad-assed abacuses you’ll ever see.
  • Format Design Retrospective—Chingsung Chang emerges from his design projects with some lessons on the importance of interactivity.


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