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This Week in Magic 11/5 - 11/10



Standard and Block


  • Building Birthing Pod—Darwin Kastle’s four-color Pod deck manages to play many of the most powerful creatures in the format.
  • What’s Hot in Block?—Can’t get enough of Innistrad’s tribes in draft?  Carrie Oliver previews the block metagame for you.


  • Innistrad Limited—($SCG) Sam Black provides an overview of the format and his preferences.

Vintage, Legacy, and Modern

Casual and Variant Formats

  • 3D Pauper Commander—Andrew Sitte promotes the Commander variant with his 3D alters and decklist contest. 
  • Zombie Infestation—Red Site Wins announces the winner of the Mimeoplasm zombie Commander challenge. 
  • Burning Punishment—Mike Cannon builds a causal deck around Burning Vengeance and another around Heretic’s Punishment. 
  • Planeswalker Magic: The Intervention—Justin Parnell believes that the number of Planeswalker cards has reached a critical mass for Cube designers

  • Artifact Horde—We all knew it wouldn’t be long before Abe Sargent tried his hand at Horde Magic.  Bring on the Myr! 


  •  Market Watch—Kelly Reid never takes his eyes off the ticker.  Ever.  Not even for a second.

Theory and Miscellany

  • Magic Cards with Googly Eyes—This is the blog that launched a thousand tweets.  Loads of fun!
  • Story Circle—PVD shares six memorable stories from his career in cardboard and the take-away lessons that have stuck with him.
  • Altered Reality #4—The polls are now open for the Winter Wonderland challenge.  Is it too early to do a little holiday shopping for yourself…check out those artist websites!
  • Systems and Magic Two: Cascades and Influence—Chingsung Chang advocates for a unified approach to each match.


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