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This Week in Magic 9/22 -9/29


News and Set Reviews

Standard and Block

  • Innistandard, Part Two (SCG$)— Gerry Thompson wasn’t done last week, so he’s back with whole new slew of deck lists including his likely choice for this weekend’s open.
  • How to Prepare for States—Tim Landale sets forth his three rules for navigating uncharted waters, including , “Don’t play aggro.”
  • A Variety of Decks—It’s no surprise that Heartless Summoning is one of the cards to catch Nick Spagnolo’s eye.
  • Time to Brew with Innistrad—Adam Prosak works the angles on Grand Architect and Burning Vengeance.
  • The Innovator’s Guide to Standard (SCG$)— Patrick Chapin give you the low down on Snapcaster decks, the Birthing Pod archetype, and even a couple of lightning fast red decks.  Read part two here.
  • Human After All—Jacob Van Lunen touts his GW human tribal deck as one of the fastest in the format.
  • A Token Innistrad Deck—Travis Hall is excited to build around Parallel Lives.
  • Haunted Humans in Standard—Craig Wescoe splashes blue in his newest WW build.
  • I am a Forbidden Alchemist—Alexander Shearer flashes back on powerful card filterers from the past and shares a Standard list that takes full advantage of the new instant.
  • Boneyard Mill—Mike Cannon teams a Boneyard Wurm with Spliterfright in this budget UG brew.
  • Making Monsters—Lee McLeod jumps headfirst into a format where Innistrad’s flavorful tribes will see immediate play.


Vintage, Legacy, and Modern

  • The Gang Cracks the Format—Paul Rietzl and some heavy-duty brewers served up some a spicy Splinter Twin list.
  • Innistrad in Modern—Gavin Verhey searches high and low for Innistrad cards worth maindecking in Modern.  Read part two here.
  • Innistrad Vintage set Review—Brian DeMars discusses eternally relevant cards.  (Hint: Most all of them can be pitched to Force of Will).  Read Mark Hornung’s thoughts here.
  • A Brave New Format—Christopher Walton discusses how the banning of Mental Misstep will unwarp the format.
  • Dartsinnistrad—Adam Barnello digs up the eternally playable cards for his Legacy set review.
  • Dredging up Dredge—Marius Van Zundert looks at an archetype famous for bending the rules of Magic to the breaking point.

Casual and Variant Formats

  • Innistrad’s Commanders—Jeremy Blair makes a difficult decision as he chooses between a zombie warrior, a pair of saintly clerics, and a grandiose vampire. 
  • All that Glitters—Adam Styborski carefully chooses the Gold cards that make the cut for his Commander box.  A useful resource for all Commander players looking for multi-colored inspiration. 
  • Casual Overview of Innistrad—Abe Sargent is digging on cards like Creeping Renaissance and Olivia Voldaren.
  • Innistrad and Pauper—Alex Ullman has the inside track on the hot new cards for the all-commons format. 
  • Repel the Dark—Ertai’s Lament reviews the WG precon centered around teamwork and some humble weaponry. 


Theory and Miscellany

  • A Review of Innistrad—Mike Linnemann and MJ Scott join forces to review the artwork and flavor text that bring the plane of Innistrad to life.  Read day two here.
  • How the Titans Ruined Standard—Frank LePore discusses how the powerful cycle of six drops is limiting deckbuilders and leading to a stagnant format.
  • Fetishes in Magic ?!?!—Jesse Dana looks at the strange collections that spring up around Pet Cards and alternate art.

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