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Innistrad Releases Today, Formats Rotate


Today marks the release of Innistrad, the fall set for Magic: The Gathering. With its release comes the departure of Zendikar block and Magic 2011 from Standard. If you have pre-ordered Innistrad from your store, you are now able to go pick them up (assuming the store has product) and if you've ordered from an online store then your boxes are getting in the mail today. Remember to build your new deck if your local FNM is constructed!

Rotation Overview

Standard is now composed of:

  • Scars of Mirrodin Block
  • Magic 2012
  • Innistrad Block

Extended is now composed of:

  • Alara Block
  • Magic 2010
  • Zendikar Block
  • Magic 2011
  • Scars of Mirrodin Block
  • Magic 2012
  • Innistrad Block

Block Constructed is now solely: Innistrad.

Modern, Legacy, and Vintage all now add Innistrad to their formats.

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