Kaldheim Limited Set Review with MTG Nerd Girl
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This Week in Magic 9/30-10/6


News and Set Reviews

  • Innistrad Pre-release Record—Innistrad’s classic horror themes combined with events being held at local game stores to smash attendance records.
  • MtGO Pre-release—Events have been scheduled and QP tables are set.  Hopefully, the virtual tournaments won’t be turning players away.

Standard and Block


  • Innistrad Prerelease—Dan Barrett provides his tournament report and a Sealed deck widget so you can build along at home.
  • Exploring Standard and Limited with Innistrad—Ashley Morway on key elements of the limited environment including a more reasonable role for bombs.
  • Set Review Conclusion—LSV lists his favorite cards for both Constructed and Limited after he rounds out his set review with the back end of the set.
  • Innnistrad Limited Review—Kenji Egashira picks up where he left off last week with his review of Black and Red in Innistrad limited.

Vintage, Legacy, and Modern

  • Breaking the Curse—Christopher Walton took down a top-four finish in Indy with his Re-animator.
  • Mind your Misstep—Adrian Posoiu ventures into a brave new world.
  • Junk  in Legacy (SCG$) — Brian Kibler posts a series of videos against a gauntlet without Mental Misstep.

Casual and Variant Formats

  • Innistrad’s Impact on Commander—Jeremy Blair is flying high post-rotation with Zendikar prices dropping and Innistrad’s exciting new cards. 
  • The Commander Box: Lay of the Land—Adam Styborksi’s series continues with a look at the real estate that powers those epic Commander plays. 
  • War Stories—Jack LaCroix discusses his four pillars of a Commander playgroup. 
  • Horde Magic—Peter Knudson’s introduction to a new format with 60% creature tokens that plays out a bit like Archenemy. 
  • Deathly Dominion—Ertai’s Lament reviews the most Morbid of Innistrad’s precons. 


Theory and Miscellany

  • Altered Reality Challenge #3—Andrew Sitte’s 3-D Squee takes the gold of the Innistrad-themed Commander challenge.
  • Asian Magic Communities—Daniel Pham details the unique elements of Magic communities in Japan including their system of sempais and kohais.
  • The Llanowar Sentinel—Debbie Freeland’s bi-weekly lampoon details a Judge’s system based on Planeswalker Points.

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