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Spectrum 26: Magic Art Up for Awards


News broke today that the Spectrum 26 art annual, set to come out this fall, will again have three Magic: The Gathering artworks out of five nominated for the Institutional Category.

Containing two digital works and one traditional, it continues the dominance of Magic's art in the Spectrum pool of submitted art and peer jury reviewed. In the previous issue, the Magic Online Promo Stasis by Seb McKinnon won the Gold Award and Moaning Wall by Piotr Jablonski won the Silver Award. This year's competition, Magic has a 60% chance of being one of the two medalists again.

While there are many awards out there for artists, Spectrum has reliably been a source for art directors to find talent and trebuchet art careers into new elevated levels. Art collectors read them, art students find inspiration and being "award-winning" counts Spectrum as one of the main ways to signify quality.

All three artworks here are both conceptually strong from a creation standpoint and also technically superior from an execution perspective.

Congrats to Bastien, Jesper and Tyler!

Etrata, the Silencer by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme





Slippery Bogle by Jesper Ejsing

Acrylics on Langton watercolor board, 12x16"



Opt by Tyler Jacobson




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-Vorthos Mike

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