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How to Pack Buys
Buy List
Coolstuffinc.com is always buying cards and minis; but, how do you sell them to us, and how can you be sure they arrive undamaged? Fear not! The videos below will teach you how to pack your buys of bulk cards, singles, and minis to ensure they arrive safely, orderly, and without damages.

How to Sell Singles

Every buy order starts from the Buy List page on CoolStuffInc.com. This video will show you how to navigate the Buy List, create and submit a Buy Cart, and find your shipping label.

How to Pack Bulk Orders

Packing buys for bulk card orders can be rife with issues. Improper packing can lead to damages and box tearing due to the weight and quantity of the cards. Be sure to watch this video for examples of how to properly pack your bulk and get it ready for shipment.

How to Pack Singles Orders

Every day, we receive singles buys that were damaged in transit due to poor packing practices, or orders that are unorganized, leading to delays. Be sure to watch this video to see how to keep your singles safe and organized for quick processing!

How to Pack Minis Orders

Coolstuffinc.com is always buying your cards and minis, but there are some additional things to consider when packing minis buys. Learn how to keep your minis buys organized and packed safely by watching this video!
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