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Warhammer Fantasy RPG: 4th Edition Starter Set

Warhammer Fantasy RPG: 4th Edition Starter Set

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The WFRP Starter Set contains everything needed to bring the grim and perilous world of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay to life. Whether roleplaying for the first time or preparing for your next epic campaign, this box is for you. Let us review the contents of the box.

The Adventure Book
The Adventure Book invites players of all experience levels into the rich, roleplaying playground of Ubersreik. For beginners, the starter adventure, Making the Rounds, introduces the harsh realities of life in the troubled fortress-town and takes you step-by-step through the rules. For more experienced hands, there are 10 scenarios aimed to expand your WFRP games, offering new locations, new characters, and new horrors to uncover.

Coming in at 40 pages, The Adventure Book is the ideal launching point for any new campaign, and it can keep your WFRP group busy for several months.

A Guide to Ubersreik
The 64-page A Guide to Ubersreik highlights the bloody history and recent invasion of Ubersreik, examines more than 70 locations in the troubled town, details the surrounding fiefdoms, and introduces a wide array of antagonist cults at large in the area.

In addition, each entry comes with two adventure hooks, meaning every location, character, and political pitfall the book presents has examples of how to use them in your games of WFRP. Just using the scores of adventure hooks alone, there are potentially years of play on offer. It also presents Bestiary entries, potions, and even a new disease, making A Guide to Ubersreik an essential addition to any WFRP library.
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