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Strategy and Tactics Quarterly 5: French Foreign Legion

Strategy and Tactics Quarterly 5: French Foreign Legion

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Some military units transcend their parent army, home country, or famous campaign to achieve an independent renown. The French Foreign Legion certainly meets this standard. The use of mercenaries was nothing new in 1831, nor was the establishment of La Legion Etrangere worthy of particular note at the time historically. France had turned to mercenaries, invariably the cast-offs of other armies and societies, or just rootless men seeking adventure, to provide troops free of the political cost occasioned by the death of citizens. The Foreign Legion's first actions took place in Algeria in the 1830s, a country to become synonymous with the Legion and its primary home for 130 years. Since then, legionnaires have served on every continent except Australia and Antarctica, and to this day as the spear point of the French army overseas..

* Same great content as S&T, but more specialized and specific about a single subject.
* 116 pages
* Over 2 dozen maps & diagrams
* Map poster depicting the actions of the Foreign Legion
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