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Strategy and Tactics 326: Mukden 1905

Strategy and Tactics 326: Mukden 1905

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Mukden 1905 is a two-player simulation (easily adapted for solitaire play) of the climactic struggle of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05. Both players have the opportunity to attack and defend, but the main burden of the offensive is on the Japanese player. The Battle of Mukden was one of the largest land battles to be fought before World War I and the last and the most decisive major land battle of the Russo-Japanese War. The game depicts the attritional nature of the battle by displaying units using one to twelve counters, with each counter representing the step strength of the individual unit as losses are taken. The game mechanics are designed to show the chaotic command and control issues faced by both commanders, with the Japanese player determining the sequence of play (move/fight or fight/move).
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