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Century: Golem Edition - Eastern Mountains

Century: Golem Edition - Eastern Mountains

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Product Details

What's in the Box?

Century Golem Edition Eastern Mountains components, including game packaging, cards, game pieces, and rulebook

Over 250 High-Quality Components!

  • 2 Rules Inserts

  • 4 Player Boards

  • 4 Wooden Wagons

  • 24 Mountain Tiles

  • 4 Valley Tiles

  • 4 Village Tiles

  • 27 VP Tiles

  • 20 Bonus Tiles

  • 80 Outposts

  • 4 Crystal Storages

  • 105 Crystals

A row of four plastic gems in different colors

A spread of the players boards used in the game

I've Been Waiting an Eternity.

"I came for the golems!"

"We've been expecting crystal traders, such as yourself. You have our thanks in joining us here in the Carvania mountains."

"I'm ready to activate a golem, I have all the crystals needed."

"Patience young trader... Golems require patience."

"But I've been waiting an eternity!"

"Not much longer - while we wait, why don't you explore the nearby Soul Valleys. Legend has it that your wishes will be carried away into the valley's winds. Perhaps there you will find more crystals and golems..."

Welcome back to the world of Carvania - the world of golems!

Climb the tallest peaks and explore the deepest valleys as a crystal trader in this incredible adventure! The world of Carvania unfolds before you as you explore the mountains and soul valleys in an effort to trade crystals and activate the legendary golems! This game will offer players infinite replayability as they discover countless strategies.

Learn the new gameplay elements in Century Golem Edition: Eastern Mountains as a standalone game, then mix it with Century Golem Edition for a unique, new experience in the call for adventure!

Two stacks of hexagonal tiles that make up the game board

The Dice Tower Breaks Down Century Golem Edition: Eastern Mountains!

"If I'm getting one set of the Century series, it's the Golem Edition."

"The quality of the components is vastly superior to the original Century series."

-Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

Trading for Gems and Glory!

Activate golems and trade gems in this beautiful re-imagining of Century: Eastern Wonders. Get your copy of Century Golem Edition: Eastern Mountains today!

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