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Century: Golem Edition - An Endless World

Century: Golem Edition - An Endless World

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Product Details

What's in the Box?

Century Golem Edition An Endless World components, including game packaging, cards, game pieces, and rulebook

Over 250 High-Quality Components!

  • 5 Rules Inserts

  • 4 Player Boards

  • 48 Traders

  • 56 Cards

  • 10 Exploration Tiles

  • 25 Bonus Tiles

  • 4 Bowls

  • 105 Crystals

A row of four plastic gems in different colors

A spread of the players boards used in the game

The World is Changing.

"The world is changing, I can feel it turn." the old man smiled looking out of his tower facing the sea. Carvania was slowly unlocking her secrets - An Endless World to explore! Golems of incomprehensible shapes were being discovered in the unexplored lands. The recently discovered golems has sparked a fury to venture out. The ultimate opportunity for a crystal trader!

Welcome back to the world of Carvania - the world of golems!

Explore the uncharted lands of Carvania as a crystal trader on the frontier! In the effort to be the most lucrative trader, players will venture into new lands and discover the exotic elemental golems found within. Players will recognize the hallmark century trading mechanism as they interact with local merchants to acquire the crystals they need to activate the new exotic golems! Come immerse yourself in the century universe one last time!

Learn the new gameplay elements in Century Golem Edition: An Endless World as a standalone game, then mix it with Century Golem Edition or Century Golem Edition: Eastern Mountains for a unique, new experience in the call for adventure!

Two stacks of hexagonal tiles that make up the game board

Become a master trader!

Prove your mastery of the golem trade in this beautiful re-imagining of Century: A New World. Get your copy of Century Golem Edition: An Endless World today!

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