Legacy: The Testament of Duke De Crecy
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  • Nicol the Elder's Holiday Song

    Jay wishes you a happy holidays and brings his latest Vorthos Holiday parody to CoolStuff!
  • The Importance of Flexibility

    Abe talks about the principle of flexibility when you're sleeving up decks for casual, multiplayer fun!
  • Standard Mono-Blue Aggro, the Format's Ninja Warrior

    Jim dumps on his opponents with a Standard list that would do a ninja warrior proud!
  • Preparing for Non-Unified Modern

    Rudy takes a look at non-unified Modern and offers up his advice for tackling the format!
  • Tasigur Spotlight

    Stephen puts the spotlight on a high performing Tasigur list from the past year in his Commander League!
  • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

    Bruce mingles Magic with the classic poem: "'Twas the Night Before Christmas!"
  • Magic Arena, Esports, and The Future

    Jim Davis breaks down the current pros and cons of MTG Arena and discusses it's potential as the future of Magic!
  • Playing Four-Color Omniscience

    Ali takes another stab at Four-Color Omniscience, piloting it to Platinum on MTG Arena!
  • The One

    Adrian extols the importance and virtues of playing one-ofs in your constructed decks!
  • Top Ten Multiplayer Cards in 2018

    Abe takes a look back on 2018 to figure out the Top Ten Multiplayer cards this year!