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  • My Magic: The Gathering CURRENT YEAR Hall of Fame Ballot

    The Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Hall of Fame discussion has begun anew, so Reuben weighs in on [CURRENT YEAR]'s discussion!
  • Abzan if You Can

    Mike is back with some exciting three-color brews to try in Standard!
  • In Defense of Not Just Building Animar

    Jason takes a look at Kadena and thinks about why you should build morphs with her instead of Animar!
  • Pauper Premiere League Week 7

    Week 7 of the Pauper Premiere League is here, and Kendra has the lists the Top contenders chose for the playoffs!
  • Kyle's Mailbag

    Kyle takes a bit of a break from Constructed talk to answer your questions!
  • You Leave Me No Choice

    You're in a precarious spot. Can you find a way to survive and win in Sean's latest puzzle?
  • Semi Co-op: Color Coding

    Semi Co-op welcomes Guest Artist JJ Sandee for a comic about the work that goes into organizing your game collection!
  • Magic Mics: Failing Upwards

    Hall of Fame Season is upon us, and the Magic Mics have plenty of thoughts on that and more!
  • Battle of One: Big Blue

    Ali goes big and blue with a sweet best of one list for MTG Arena!
  • The Most Powerful Do-Nothing Cards in Modern

    Frank is back to discuss some of the most innocuous looking, absolutely broken cards in Modern!