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  • Stephen's Guilds of Ravnica Top 10

    Stephen takes a break from building around new legendaries to talk about his Top Ten favorite cards from Guilds of Ravnica!
  • Guilds of Ravnica: The Prerelease that Wasn't

    Bruce tells the story of a struggle with the WPN, and a Prerelease that never was.
  • Jump-Starting on Brews

    Ali is raring to brew with cards from Guilds of Ravnica, and he's here to share some of his ideas!
  • Top Ten Guilds of Ravnica Cards

    Abe digs through Guilds of Ravnica to bring you his top ten cards from the set!
  • Izzet Me You're Looking For?

    Mikes Likes checks out some options for Izzet decks once Guilds of Ravnica releases!
  • Guilds of Ravnica's Impact on Pauper

    Kendra looks at some cards from Guilds of Ravnica that are likely to have a big impact on Pauper!
  • Best is Yet Ungiven

    Keep all the gifts to yourself with today's Modern decklist!
  • Sullivan Library: The Top Three Tribes

    Adrian is hyped for rotation and the potential it brings for some of the powerful tribes left in Standard!
  • Guilds of Ravnica 75% Set Review

    Jason narrows the scope in his Guilds of Ravnica 75% Commander Set Review!
  • City Works

    Sam takes a look at Ravnica as a setting and how it has the capacity to be many things to many people!