Dice Tower Con 2019
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  • Best of One: Orzhov

    Jim Davis puts his knowledge into practice, taking on Best of One with a sweet Orzhov deck!
  • Modern Horizons No's and Go's

    With Modern Horizons announced, Rudy has some thoughts on what's good to go for a first time Modern printing!
  • Know Thyself

    Stephen reflects on a Commander game gone bad and what he learned about himself as a player!
  • Do's and Don'ts, Commander Style

    Bruce offers his take on what should be acceptable and what shouldn't in Commander!
  • Everything I Know About Best of One Constructed

    Jim Davis breaks down his experience with Best of One Standard on MTG Arena!
  • Standard Bant Bugler

    Ali hops aboard the value train with a sweet Bant list centered around Militia Bugler!
  • Jeskai and the Cleveland Story

    Adrian shares his Mythic Championship deck and reflects on his performance over the course of the tournament!
  • Modern Horizons Ahoy

    Jim Casale analyzes the announcement of Modern Horizons and what it might mean for the cost of the Modern format!
  • Abe's Top Ten Mountains

    Abe knocks out his latest Top Ten list, visiting his favorite basic Mountains from the history of the game!
  • Magic Mics: Knights of Autumn

    It's all Mythic Championships, Modern Horizons, and more in this week's episode of Magic Mics!