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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Danny West

    Me on Dynasty!

    Danny weighs in on some of the new cards and designs from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty!
  • Danny West

    Becoming a Number One Performer

    Danny breaks down what it means to perform in the context of Magic!
  • Danny West

    Preserving Traditional Magic

    Danny makes some thoughtful updates to a Cube meant to preserve a sense of Old School Magic!
  • Danny West

    Rakdos Sacrifice with John Alexander

    Danny has a chat with John Alexander about his Arena 5K performance with Rakdos Sacrifice!
  • Danny West

    Fire Up the Kindle Cube!

    What does a Cube built around cards like Kindle even look like? Danny is ready to find out!
  • Danny West


    When talking about metagaming, it's nearly impossible for things to not get a little weird!
  • Danny West

    Modern Horizons 2 Hidden Commander Bombs

    There are obvious Commander staples in Modern Horizons 2, but what about the ones flying under the radar?
  • Danny West

    Why Pro Magic As We Know It is Dead

    The bell began tolling for Pro Magic long ago, and Danny explains how the signs have been there all along!
  • Danny West

    Throw the Book At Them!

    When a legend presents a unique deck-building challenge, embrace it and get ready to throw the book at your opponents!
  • Danny West

    What Kind of Magic Player Are You?

    Danny gets a little existential as he defines the categories in which all Magic players find themselves!
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