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  • Burn, Baby, Burn: Allegiance Edition

    Adrian explores what Standard Burn might look like in a post-Ravnica Allegiance world!
  • Last Call

    Mike pulls together some final Guilds of Ravnica brews!
  • Ravnica Allegiance Spoiler Breakdown: Part 1

    Jeff analyzes some Ravnica Allegiance spoilers and their constructed playability!
  • Battle of One: Standard Omnibus with Ali Aintrazi

    Ali battles Best of One on MTG Arena with his sweet Standard Omniscience Combo deck!
  • Big! Meaty! Hooks!

    Kendra revisits one of the tribes that got her into Magic, this time in her favorite all-commons format!
  • With a Vengeance

    He might have had to go into debt for it, but Jim Davis has gotten his hands on a sweet new preview for Ravnica Allegiance!
  • Three Ways to Avoid Getting Burned Playing Burn

    Sometimes you can get burned playing Burn, but Mike Flores has a couple of lessons for when things heat up!
  • Doing the Time Warp with Nacatl Burn

    Jim goes back in time to run the Modern gauntlet with a version of Burn featuring Wild Nacatl!
  • Pledge Allegiance

    Ravnica Allegiance previews have Rudy's gears turning. Check out his ideas about the upcoming Standard format!
  • Ravnica Allegiance's New Mechanics

    Jim Davis breaks down the new mechanics from Ravnica Allegiance and their potential in Standard!