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  • Breaking Down SCG Indy

    Jeff breaks down the best-performing and most interesting decks from the weekend's tournament!
  • Brewing for Ravnica Allegiance

    Jeff shares some of his exciting ideas for the upcoming Standard format!
  • Ravnica Allegiance Spoiler Breakdown: Part 1

    Jeff analyzes some Ravnica Allegiance spoilers and their constructed playability!
  • What Makes Magic Great

    Start the year right with Jeff talking about what makes this his favorite game!
  • Little Boros Aggro Primer

    Jeff breaks down the Little Boros Aggro deck he piloted in the Twitch MTG Arena Tournament!
  • Primer for Standard Esper Amulet

    Jeff breaks down his new favorite combo deck in Standard, with analysis and a sideboard guide for Esper Amulet!
  • Examining Modern & Standard Plus

    Jeff breaks down and analyzes the state of Standard, Modern, and beyond!
  • Carnage Tyrant Migration

    Jeff lays out the carnage with some big mana Standard dino decks!
  • To the Wall

    Jeff goes on the defensive with a user submitted Standard deck that's off the wall!
  • Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica Data Dive

    Jeff breaks down the math behind the metagame for Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica!