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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Mike Likes

    The Core of a Brew

    Mike is back with the first round of decks for Core Set 2020 Standard!
  • Mike Likes

    Last Days of the WAR

    Mike is back with some interesting decks before the release of Core Set 2020!
  • Mike Likes

    The Boros with the Most

    Mike is back with some fresh takes on everyone's favorite Legion!
  • Mike Likes

    Brewing on the Color Pie

    Mike is back with some brand new decks for each color in Magic!
  • Mike Likes

    Going Rogue

    Mike is back with some rogue decklists for your next FNM!
  • Mike Likes

    Why Can't We Be Friends?

    Mike is back and he has a whole lot of friends with him in Standard!
  • Mike Likes

    Master of Your Fate

    Mike is back with some flaming hot new decklists for Standard!
  • Mike Likes

    Friendly Brewing

    Mike is back and up to the challenge of finding the best Superfriends deck in Standard!
  • Mike Likes

    Warring Brews

    Mike is back with some hot new ideas for your local FNM!
  • Mike Likes

    Brew of Legend

    Mike is back with some exciting new decks featuring some great legends from War of the Spark!