Dice Tower Con 2019
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  • Taking Vintage to the Moon

    Vintage is a hard format for new cards to break into. How does Eldritch Moon stack up?
  • Pack it In

    Don't move a muscle to see the strength in today's decklist!
  • The Eldrazi in the Room

    Eldrazi in Vintage? Oh yes. It's real, it's cheap, and Nat is here to break it down!
  • Eternal Ice

    Magic's most powerful format features one of the game's newest cards.
  • Vindicated

    Let Jarvis show you our exciting preview from Eternal Masters!
  • To Err is Vintage

    Can a fair deck thrive in the most unfair format? Let's find out!
  • Why, When, and How to Cast Gush

    Join Nat as he breaks down one of the most complex and powerful cards in the Vintage metagame.
  • Time Stands Still

    Stand perfectly still as an old favorite rocks Vintage once again!
  • You Were too Good, Lodestone Golem

    Lodestone Golem is the first creature in 20 years to be restricted in Vintage. Nat explains why.
  • April Banned and Restricted List Update

    Modern Eldrazi and Vintage Shops both take a hit in the latest Banned and Restricted List update.