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Eternal Weekend North America Results


A week after Mentor Control and 4 Color Delver won the European Eternal Weekend, the North American champions of Vintage and Legacy have been crowned.

The Top 8 of the Vintage Championships seemed to be defined by recent additions to the format. Fleetwheel Cruiser and Thought-Knot Seer made their presence felt but the finals came down to Jacob Kory with Stax against Joseph Bogaard with Landstill. Games two and three hinged on new additions to Magic. In game two Kory was able to combine Inventors' Fair with Crucible of Worlds to tutor every turn but game three was decided by Bogaard's copy of Emrakul, the Promised End. Congratulations to Joseph Bogaard!

The Legacy Top 8 was full of white creatures and familiar faces. Jarvis Yu put down Lands for this event and picked up Delver only to make an exit in the Quaterfinals. The final match pitted Daniel Miller on Miracles against Oran Kremen on Black-Green Depths. Game one was over in a flash with Kremen taking a mulligan to five on the draw and winning with a quick combo. Game two was a protracted affair where Miller managed to take out every copy of Marit Lage Kremen could produce. Game three however was all about a 20/20 Flying, Indestructible token as Kremen connected for victory. Congratulations to Oran Kremen!

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