Imperial Settlers: Roll and Write
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  • The Old Ways Are Best

    Jason attempts to teach an old centaur new tricks with his sweet Gruul Commander deck!
  • Partners Ascendancy

    Stephen is all aboard the Simic Ascendancy train and he has a new partners list designed to take advantage of it!
  • Monoharmonicon

    Jason builds around Teysa Karlov and is finally excited about something other than busted Simic cards!
  • Convertible Commander: Nikya of the Old Ways

    Mark is more than ready to beat down with his latest Convertible Commander!
  • Rakdos Steals the Show

    Abe goes with the devil he knows as he builds a very flavorful Commander deck around Rakdos, the Showstopper!
  • Atraxa Ascendancy

    Stephen is ready to ascend along with the Simic and he proves his devotion with a sweet list built around Atraxa!
  • Top Ten Ravnica Allegiance Rakdos Cards

    Abe rounds out the Ravnica Allegiance Guild Summit with his Top Ten list of Rakdos cards for Commander!
  • Top Ten Ravnica Allegiance Simic Cards

    Jason picks up the Guild Summit torch and breaks down his picks for Simic's Top Ten Commander cards in Ravnica Allegiance!
  • Top Ten Ravnica Allegiance Azorius Cards

    Mark picks up the Guild Summit torch and covers the Top Ten Azorius cards for Commander in Ravnica Allegiance!
  • Top Ten Ravnica Allegiance Orzhov Cards

    Bruce represents the Orzhov Syndicate in Commander as he breaks down his Top Ten for the Ravnica Allegiance Guild Summit!