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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Magic Mics

    Magic Mics: Top Ten Rebecca Guay Cards

    The Magic Mics pick the best of the best cards featuring the art of the esteemed Rebecca Guay!
  • Jay Annelli

    Vorthos Content Round-Up

    Jay turns the spotlight on to Vorthos creators big and small in this Vorthos Community Round-Up!
  • Jay Annelli

    Flavor Gems of Secret Lair #1-40

    Jay scours the first set of Secret Lair Drop Series to find the choicest of Flavor Gems!
  • Semi Co-Op

    Semi Co-op: Just a Phase

    This week's Semi Co-op stops to imagine some of the weirder things about licensed board games!
  • Jay Annelli

    The Magic of Tokens

    Jay takes a break from Theros to talk about one of his favorite things in Magic: Tokens!
  • Semi Co-Op

    Semi Co-op: Indecent Proposal

    Today's Semi Co-op proves it isn't always the right time to suggest playing a board game!
  • Semi Co-Op

    Semi Co-op: Gloomy Prospects

    Some games are so engrossing they become a lifestyle, as today's Semi Co-op is sure to illustrate!
  • Semi Co-Op

    Semi Co-op: Friendly Fire

    All is fair in board games and war in the latest comic from Semi Co-op!
  • Semi Co-Op

    Semi Co-op: Critter Utopia

    In Everdell, thing aren't as cute as they appear! Sit back and enjoy the latest comic from Semi Co-op!
  • Semi Co-Op

    Semi Co-op: Stroll and Write

    The limits of cartography are put to the test in the latest comic from Semi Co-op!
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