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  • Post-Championship Brews

    Mike is back with some innovative new decks in the aftermath of the first Mythic Championship!
  • Azorius Taxes with Rudy Briksza

    Rudy experiments with a Blue version of Death and Taxes in preparation for an upcoming Legacy event!
  • Modern Izzet Phoenix with Jim Davis

    Jim takes on Modern with one of the consensus top tier decks, Izzet Phoenix!
  • Cube Thoughts from a 7-Time Trophy Leader

    CoolStuff welcomes Jonathan Brostoff to talk about Cube on Magic Online in preparation for the return of Vintage Cube!
  • Modern Cube with Jim Davis

    The Holidays are upon us which means more Cubes on Magic Online! Join Jim as he ventures into the waters of MTGO's Modern Cube!
  • Modern Humans with Jim Davis

    Jim wonders why he ever stopped playing Humans as he takes it into a Modern League on Magic Online!
  • Rudy Drafts Core Set Cube

    Rudy has a craving for Core Set Cube, and Magic Online is happy to provide!
  • Playing Legacy Sultai Explorer

    Ali takes his Sultai Explorer list for a spin in Legacy events on Magic Online!
  • Drafting Pro Tour Cube

    The Pro Tour Cube hits Magic Online today, and Eric Klug, the designer, is here to break down the archetypes!
  • Ascending

    Mike Likes takes a look at some of the best performing Ascend decklists from Magic Online!