Dice Tower Con 2019
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  • Processing Modern for MagicFest Tampa

    Frank Lepore makes his CoolStuff debut with a sweet Modern deck that puts Kaya, Orzhov Usurper to good use!
  • New Player Commander Decks: Boros & Orzhov

    Mark picks up the New Player Commander torch, showing how he would update the Boros and Orzhov decks!
  • Best of One: Orzhov

    Jim Davis puts his knowledge into practice, taking on Best of One with a sweet Orzhov deck!
  • Monoharmonicon

    Jason builds around Teysa Karlov and is finally excited about something other than busted Simic cards!
  • Ravnica Allegiance Standard Set Review: Orzhov & White

    The Ravnica Allegiance Standard Set Review rolls as Ali covers all the Orzhov and White cards!
  • With a Vengeance

    He might have had to go into debt for it, but Jim Davis has gotten his hands on a sweet new preview for Ravnica Allegiance!
  • Teysa's Dance of Life and Death

    Is the third time the charm for Teysa Karlov? Abe gets pumped to build around the latest addition to the three card club in Commander!
  • Pestilence: What You Have to Endure, What You Have to Put Others Through

    Kendra tells the tale of a classic common and it's place in the current Pauper metagame!
  • How Does Orzhov Win the Game?

    Jason thinks about Orzhov's paths to victory in anticipation of Ravnica Allegiance!
  • Future Sight

    Jason looks to the past and future in anticipation of the five guilds in Ravnica Allegiance!