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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • CMDR Decks

    Sliver Queen

    Five colors of planeswalker fun await you with CMDR Decks and its look at the Sliver Queen
  • The Magic Man Sam

    The Planeswalker Gallery: Slivers

    The community loves Slivers, and Sam's back to show you just how much.
  • Inside the Deck

    Inside The Deck #124: Slivers Deck Tech

    Standard Slivers? Inside the Deck goes inside the Pro Tour for an awesome new aggro deck.
  • Mike Cannon

    Hive Got a Feeling

    Friday's FNM is going to be a great night with this budget deck built on Standard's newest tribe.
  • Adam Styborski

    Altered Reality Challenge: New Slivers – Results

    The voted are tallied. The judges's scores are returned. Here are the winners to the latest Altered Reality Challenge!
  • Andrew Sitte

    3D Sliver Overlord

    Of all the overlords out there, Andrew's is the one, true Sliver Overlord.
  • Adam Styborski

    Altered Reality Challenge: New Slivers – Voting

    The submissions are in, and it's time for you to vote: Which new Sliver alters do you like the most?
  • Adam Styborski

    Altered Reality Challenge: New Slivers

    Do you enjoy altered Magic cards? Do you alter card yourself? This is one contest you don't want to miss!
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