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Five Theros Inspired Casual Decks


New cards are great! They inspire articles. But Magic? It ain't about cards; it's about decks. These cards are meant to be played with, not talked about.

So, ready for some new decks?

Impending Doom

Impending Doom is a lot of fun! Getting +3/+3 for three or fewer mana is rare and powerful. Only Green does it that often. Outside of Green, how many auras out there give out that power/toughness for 3 mana?


Oni Possession
Leaden Fists

Of the first two, as you can see, Oni Possession and the untapping of Leaden Fists are a bit rough to take. With this one, you just have to swing every turn, and you'll take three damage if it dies.

There are some fun ways to make it work. Vigilance!

Tahngarth, Talruum Hero

And that means Tahngarth! If you drop this on your Tahngarth, then your Minotaur Warrior can swing with a 7/7 body as well as fighting with a 7/7 dork later, which will likely kill most folks.

Here you go!

Prophetic Flamespeaker
Storm Herald

I also really like Prophetic Flamespeaker with the Impending Doom as it's something you can enchant on turn four and then get in 4/6 double strike, trample, card drawing. Storm Herald is also a cool entry to the deck with haste, and bringing back those dead Auras for another round of smashery, likely winning the game.

I added in some auras that will act as removal, and then this guy:

Valduk, Keeper of the Flame

Valduk is going to really reward you when chosen as the target of choice for a Claws of Valakut or Galvanic Arc. Do it before combat, and then you can net a dork that can swing this turn! And that's my first deck!


While I am on a Red Aura trick:

Thundering Chariot

Thundering Chariot is a fun card with three abilities! But it sadly needs some crew to send it out there. You could tap a little dork and send it immediately as it has haste. Or you could modify it for sieges:

Siege Modification

Siege Modification will turn any vehicle into a permanent first strike and +3 in the front beater, no crew needed.

Let's give us some vehicles that will really want a Siege Modification:

Smuggler's Copter
Heart of Kiran

A turn two Copter into a turn three flying, first strike dork that draws and discards for you is game-winningly powerful. See also Heart of Kiran which will be 7/4 with vigilance! Weatherlight has a useful trigger to grab each turn.

Consulate Dreadnought
Peacewalker Colossus

Speaking of a "Fast Kill", Consulate Dreadnought with a Siege Modification? Good game! Or being turned into a dork with Peacewalker Colossus? Nasty!

Ready for my deck?

All right! Now let's move off these pair of decks that used Red auras!

Dalakos, Crafter of Wonders

Does someone want to tell me why this guy is in an enchantment themed set? If you get this rare in your opening pack, are you drafting it? There are just four equipment out there, one rare (Shadowspear) which you couldn't plan on drafting, one uncommon that's weak in a Dalakos build (Mirror Shield) and two commons - Bronze Sword, a reprint of Bonesplitter that costs two more to equip and Wings of Hubris, which only gives a dork flying, but that duplicates him. His Artificer mana-tapping will help to fuel.... The uncommon Entrancing Lyre, and....that's it. He's just in the wrong set!

That's okay Dalakos.

What if you fled into a portal to find to your real home; Kaladesh!

I am going to build a Dalakos deck only using cards from the plane of Kaladesh. Ready?

Let's do it!

Walking Ballista

Walking Ballista is a perfect example of how to blow this all open! Note how it has this cool xx cost that you can tap Dalakos for to give it another counter, as well as turn one of its activations to load up with more counters into a simple 2 mana from other sources.

Planar Bridge

Note that a 3rd turn Dalakos can turn into a 4th turn Planar Bridge as well as a 6th turn activation of it. That's a good reduction of costs on both ends. I only included one copy as it was legendary and wouldn't be wanted to mug up you deck.

As you may remember from the era, this mini-Block only had two pieces of equipment, so I focused on artifacts instead. Here's the deck!

From Inventors' Fair to Whir of Invention to Pia and Kiran Nalaar sacrificing artifacts for value, we have a load of ways to use your Dalakos! You'll see artifact lords like Chief of the Foundry as well as some Gearhulks too. Lots of fun stuff is in here! Keep up the Glint-Nest'ing beats with your leader and punch away the foes!

Okay have you noticed a theme in my first three decks?


They all have Red!

Mono-Red, Blue-Red, and White-Red.

You know what that means? It means that I have to finish this accidental theme. Did I mean to do it? Nope! But that doesn't mean I can just let it go. Have I struck you as something other than highly symmetrical? Exactly!

RAKDOS for the Win-DOS!!!

Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger

Hello Kroxa! Let's make a deck inspired by you. Hmmmmm....


Greven, Predator Captain

Hello Greven! I hope you are having a great day today! Note this combo:

  1. Control Kroxa post-escape.
  2. Attack with Greven, eat Kroxa.
  3. You lose 6 life and draw 6 cards. Punch with your menace 11/5 Greven.
  4. Cast a bunch of stuff
  5. Discard what's left to have enough cards to escape with Kroxa on future turns.


Using one of these Rakdos amazing darlings:


Anje's Ravager

You could run some fun madness cards in Rakdos to use and prioritize discarding fun times.

Avaricious Dragon
Grafted Skullcap
Midnight Oil

Turn extra cards into discards. This will help fuel your Kroxa as you draw that extra juice!

Null Brooch

Want to counter non-creatures? Okay! Null Brooch is here! Want to discard and burn your foe's dorks to the ground so you can swing with impunity! Okay! Malfegor to the rescue!

Library of Leng

I know this is the third time I've given a shout out to Library of Leng in 6 weeks, but you can also discard cards to your deck if you really want to draw them again with Library of Leng, although that would stop you from discarding in your discard phase.

Ox of Agonas
Desecrated Tomb

Fellow Theros: Beyond Death mythic rare Ox of Agonas will also love this shell too. The Tomb will make some dorks as other cards get exiled.

Note that each Kroxa arrival will give you another trigger of face punchery. Also note that since Greven and Kroxa have attack triggers that you can swing with bunch to get both on the stack, giving you two Kroxa triggers each turn, one attacking and then one arriving post-battle. Your foes will be denuded of any cards quickly.


And here you go! I tossed in things like Dark Ritual and Bedevil, as well as some fun ways to get the game started. I also tossed in a single Allure of the Unknown to keep the card draw flowing. It doesn't matter what you grab, as long as it's a lot of cards. And your foe may be stuck and not want to cast a Malfegor or something very specific to this build.

Ready for the smash dash of Gruul?


Nylea's Intervention

I want to use Nylea's Intervention to fuel a giant game-winning X spell. Such as Banefire! Put enough into it, and it has to smash! It cannot be countered or prevented.

I want to have one of two possible Interventions

Urza's Mine
Urza's Power Plant
Urza's Tower



Which will get you more mana?

Imagine you have five mana. Three Cloudposts are 9 mana total. One each of the Urzaton is 7 mana. At 6 mana, you have 16 mana from the 'posts and 10 from the Urzatron.

But what about when you end the Cloudposts? You could get, say, 2 additional Glimmerposts. You'll gain a total of 12 life from them, and increases your Cloudposts, but they won't tap for extra mana. But that's okay, I can use Vesuvas and continue the ramp-page.

Imagine this:

Skyshroud Elf

You grab six lands, and then at the end of your turn, you drop them all discard your hand too. If you have lands that can win you the game, or something with flashback that can do similarly, they you probably won that game. Skyshroud Elf wants the filter, and we can add in some fun cards too that will break faces.


And there you are! I have winning conditions as lands (Urza's Factory), grabbing Panglacial Wurm from the deck, casting two separate X Burn spells. I also gave you an Elf tribe including two sets of Priest of Titania and Elvish Archdruid. Llanowar Elves (or Fyndhorn Elves) into... anything really, will be pretty useful. Without a Priest, on turn three just Llanowar and Skyshroud is 5 mana for your Intervention. With a Priest OR a Cradle? 6 mana on turn three - four Posts! Enjoy!

All right, and there we are! Today we took a look at 5 decks inspired by various cards from TBD that were all harnessing the powerful goodness of Red. I hope you enjoyed the builds. Anything I missed? Just let me know!