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Another Top Ten Cards from Kaldheim


Hello folks! I hope that you are having a rocking and kicking day today!

Last Friday I looked at the Top Ten Cards from Kaldheim for multiplayer generally and Commander specifically (you can check it out here). There are lots of great cards in the set, so I wanted to take a look see at another 10 cards. It's a deep set and I wanted to give some prime time to another decade of cardage!

Ready? Let's do it to it!

Honorable Mention #1. Shimmerdrift Vale

Shimmerdrift Vale

This fun common has everything you want! It's a snow land for those decks that care! It'll make whatever color you want or need at the time. It's great in a two-color deck as it'll make the color you don't have. I love it in decks that steal things as you cannot spend mana outside of your Commander's identity with stuff like Arcane Signet or Command Tower. You need effects like this that can come to the party and tap for an off-color activation ability. It's a fun land that has a lot of value.

Honorable Mention #2. Search for Glory

Search for Glory

Another snow card hits our Honorable Mention. Search for Glory is a fun card that will punch above its weight class! 3 mana? Search for any snow card or Saga card or legendary card? That's a lot of cards! It reminds me of historic from back in Dominaria, which would work with artifacts, legendaries or Sagas as well. It swaps snow for artifacts, slightly less valuable, but still pretty good. It's great in builds that care about one of those, and I really like that it's snow itself which makes it really feel home in that sort of a build. Note that it can only get snow permanents, so it cannot fetch itself. Enjoy it!

Honorable Mention #3. Rootless Yew

Rootless Yew

Hello fellow Treefolk fans! This bad boy dies and becomes a reverse tutor as he'll net you a powerful dork on death. You can get a creature from your library with power or toughness of 6 or more, which is a lot of creatures. I love this in a deck like Aristocrats that likes to sacrifice your own stuff for the cause, and this bad boy will net you a cool big dork that you can drop with your engine and keep on trucking. There is a lot of synergy and I am sure you can see the truck load! It's not snow, though, which may strike you as weird after the first two here in my Honorable Mention section were!

All right, let's move into the top ten proper!

#10. Cosmic Intervention

Cosmic Intervention

Did you miss this card in the spoilers...it wasn't there! This instant is actually in the Commander decks that come with the new set. It's pretty cool, as this bad boy will exile all of your permanents that die this turn and then bring them back into the battlefield. Play this before a Wrath of God you drop and then you get your stuff back. This is better than just giving them indestructible as both are answered by exiling removal, but here you can reload a creature like Spike Weaver's counters as well as net a bunch more enters-the-battlefield triggers. You know how popular effects like Rootborn Defenses are, and this is better as is works with anything from lands to planeswalkers to removal like targeted removal, mass removal, or with sacrifices like Terramorphic Expanse.

#9. Maja, Bretagard Protector

Maja, Bretagard Protector

I love this in builds that Selesnya loves. Selensya aggro loves going wide and this is a Glorious Anthem on a stick! It grabs and makes your small dorks a little bigger by one whole power and toughness. It won't wok on Maja, but that's fine. It's a powerful Commander for tokens and go-wide aggro decks, both of which are archetypes with strong support in Selensya. But that ain't all! Maja is also a landfall commander, something you don't see often in the colors but which has ton of support from cards like Land Tax and Cultivate. It's a strong choice in either option and you've got to love it to death. Landfall? Tokens? Aggro? She brings three options to the kitchen table!

#8. Ravenform


This is our highest charting common today. Did you notice that word in this sorcery? "Artifact?" That makes this a very different card. Ever since Pongify, Blue has been given the ability to destroy a creature but leave its foe with a token creature represented changing its form. In this case, you are changing a dork or an artifact into a flying Bird. That ability makes flavor sense, but now giving it to artifacts doesn't make sense mechanically. We just added enchantment removal for Black a few sets ago. Now Blue gets the ability to exile an artifact? Not just destroy? And on a common that just makes a 1/1 flyer as recompense? This card is really strong.

#7. Skemfar Shadowsage

Skemfar Shadowsage

Hello fans of Gray Merchant of Asphodel! Boy do I have another option for you that's cheaper but not as powerful, since you cannot drain the life they lose. This trades tribal synergies for devotion synergies, and loves any tribe that can run Black. It's best in Clerics and Elves as it'll count itself in those brews. I love it!

#6. Birgi, God of Storytelling

Did you cast a spell this turn? For each one you get another Red mana, and that's a lot of mana. She's great for storm counts and you can get free spells like Lightning Bolt that can win the game with the hand dumping. Might I suggest 1 mana cantrips like Crimson Wisps and Renegade Tactics. You can really push things around with her cast trigger! Don't sleep on Harnfel either, as you can discard into Red's impulsive card drawing and gain card advantage. You can also use it to fill up your graveyard with goodies or to trigger madness.

Ready for the top five? Let's do it!

#5. Pyre of Heroes

Pyre of Heroes

Birthing Pod is awesome and has dominated a lot of formats. Will this tribal Birthing Pod do the same? It has a strong cachet in the world around us. I enjoy its options! Note that you can only use Pyre of Heroes as a sorcery and as such you cannot sacrifice the creature in response to anything like removal or dying from combat. Also note that the creature you fetch out must be one more mana than the creature sacrificed, which reduces your options, you'll need to build your deck carefully to fully take advantage of the Pyre, but I am sure that you can do so reliably.

#4. Tergrid's Shadow

Tergrid's Shadow

Barter in Blood is heavily used in casual formats. Over at EDHREC.com, it's been registered 1,466 times, which is a lot. But its main issue? The sorcery speed. An instant Barter in Blood is so much better! For example, imagine your foe is casting their third creature, a Solemn Simulacrum that will likely be fodder to the two sacrifices. While it's on the stack? Cast Tergrid's Shadow and force them to sacrifice better stuff. You can use this at the end of someone's turn and then untap and be the first to cast things. You have foretell to drop its cost to Barter in Blood's after an initial investment of 2 mana. It's good stuff! It's also our highest charting non-rare or mythic.

But it just misses out on our Top Three!

#3. Halvar, God of Battle and Sword of the Realms

Halvar, God of Battle is a solid card for the masses. It'll let you equip or move Auras for free once each of your combats. Get more combats? Get more equips! Your equipped/enchanted stuff gets double strike. Note that Halvar doesn't say "another creature," so you can use his free moving of Equipment to himself and he'll give himself double strike as well. He is ideal in a mono-White Equipment deck as the leader or in support of other decks. He's also strong in Aura decks as well. Sword of the Realms is valuable in a midrange build where you can reload and recast the various enters-the-battlefield effects you may have like Sun Titan or Karmic Guide. It fits midrange and builds with a lot of ETB triggers like Azorius and Bant Blink builds. It's better than Halvar in those builds, much like Nim Deathmantle. It has two strong options that are great in different decks and styles of play. Good stuff!

#2. Doomskar


Jason Alt is wrong. Sorry! On his review over at EDHREC.com where he discussed the merits of Doomskar in Commander, he was not thrilled. You can check it out here. Doomskar is going to do some yeoman's work over there in that format. How so? Due to foretell, which is the only difference between Day of Judgment and Doomskar, save for mana cost. Foretell it as early as possible, and now you can sweep the board on turn three (turn two with an accelerant). This game has sped up quite a bit since it got started and a third turn mass sweeping effect is worth the price of admission as waiting has a big opportunity cost. By turn four, you might have lost the game to something like Edric, Spymaster of Trest with a massive unblockable crew of cheap 1/1s for 1 mana that will have outdrawn you by a ton of cards. Doomskar is better than you think.

#1. Mystic Reflection

Mystic Reflection

Hello folks! I hope you are ready for Mystic Reflection's fun times! This is a unique instant that lets you to answer problems or cause them with equal ease. You could answer your foe's nasty creature or planeswalker by turning it into a humble 0/1 Birds of Paradise or a 1/1 Silver Myr. Choose Reclamation Sage when you have no targets so your foe will destroy another foe's thing. Keep that Consecrated Sphinx or Ugin, the Spirit Dragon from dominating the game. Meanwhile you can use it to turn your stuff into the best nonlegendary dork on the battlefield. This works very well with mass token make-age on something like Deranged Hermit. You get five copies of something named Solemn Simulacrum or Mulldrifter. That's a lot of cards or lands. It works either way!

And there you are! What did you think of my choices? Am I missing anything or anything that resonated with you? Just let me know! Next week? Let's do another Top Ten from Kaldheim!

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