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Final Top Ten from Modern Horizons 3


Hello awesome Commander, and kitchen table Magic fans! I've got our final Top Ten from MH3 for your consideration. This is a sequel to two weeks ago (Here - Top Ten Cards from Modern Horizons 3 | Article by Abe Sargent (coolstuffinc.com), the first 13) and last week's middle addition here (Top Ten Cards from MH3 #2! | Article by Abe Sargent (coolstuffinc.com)- with 14 more). This is for formats like multiplayer, Commander, Highlander, Pauper/Peasant, Five Color, Type Four and more. Please note that this list does not include the Commander MH3 decks that debuted, just those from the core set, we'll see that one next week. Ready? I got cha!

#18. Psychic Frog

Psychic Frog

Clearly a call back to Psychatog with the name and abilities and cost. This two-drop 1/2 rare will turn combat damage into card draws, nice! Note that's players and planeswalker too, pretty rare. Then you can discard just one this time to perma-pump him with a +1/+1 counter and then also you can exile stuff in your graveyard to give it flying to smash and draw that card! This rare Dimir colored Frog is pretty good to go, Idaho!

#17. Party Thrasher

Party Thrasher

Our first mono-colored and red dork is another two-drop! This has a blocking 1/4 body that has the ability to give your non-dork stuff convoke, it they were cast from exile. Considering how much impulsive card flow is frumping around, that's nasty good here! Then this has a precombat main phase trigger to impulse draw one of two exiled if you discard a card, so this has great synergy with itself too, love it with impulse drawing Commanders in red.

#16. Brainsurge


The problem with Highlander formats like Commander is that you cannot run more than one of staples, so you can dig into worse stuff, like this, over Brainstorm. Unlike Brainstorm, this is Like Brainstorm, this is amazing in decks with Commanders that trigger off drawing multiple cards in a turn, or setting up the top card of your deck for things like Yennett, Cryptic Sovereign. This is great with Nadu, Winged Wisdom in the same set to ramp the land you tossed on top. It's great in every place that you might want to run it, and in some ways it's better than Brainstorm when it resolves, minus the cost, but that's rough to many. I might toss this in decks before Brainstorm that need card draw like Fact or Fiction or Mulldrifter and then others will prefer Brainstorm first like spellslinger or cantrips. It's a nice new option to run. Note, it's uncommon for Peasant.

#15. Rosheen, Roaring Prophet

Rosheen, Roaring Prophet

I have a real-life Rosheen first time Commander deck here, so you know how much I adore it! This is another take with a Gruul colored four-drop 4/4 on-curve Giant that cares about X spell. This time you have an ETB ability to mill six and then Regrowth an X cost spell to your hand from them. Then you can tap her for free and reveal X spell costs to make double X spell revealed cards in colorless mana just for X spells.

X-Spell Matters is a very strong archetype in Red with X burn spells like Comet Storm or in Green with X spell dorks like Hydras. Both can do quite well here! This is an amazing new addition to a rare archetype you'll want to try out yourselves! Please note, since Rosheen self-mills, this card is good in self-mill brews too. Also, in Green you can run things to increase mana made from dorks, like Mana Reflection. Get it, run it, love it!

#14. Monstrous Vortex

Monstrous Vortex

Another uncommon for PEZ is next! I like that there since adding in four of these in your five uncommon slots in a deck built around it works. This is a four-drop enchantment in Green that has a cast trigger for dorks with power five or more. When that happened, you get a free better than cascade equal to its cost. This is awesome with Commanders that have a beefier power in Green, like Rith, the Awakener to discover then cast for free or draw. That's brilliant with so much stuff too, and loves power matters stuff in Green which is already dedicated to it. I'd rather discover than draw, so this is better than those too. This is an amazing power adjacent card to add into your next deck! It's awesome possum!

#13. Spawn-Gang Commander

Spawn-Gang Commander

Ah yes everyone's favorite new version of Siege-Gang Commander! This costs five too, makes three Spawns this time that're 0/1 and sac for mana without costs, and then you can spend two sac any Spawn to Shock a target, just like Siege-Gang, but this time with colorless mana in the cost. Note that unlike those token makers, this is a cast trigger, so even if countered it'll ramp you and resolve, but unlike those this cannot be abused by blink or reanimation effects. I think they are roughly even in value for that reason. This is also uncommon for PEZ.

#12. Collective Resistance AND Abstruse Appropriation

Collective Resistance
Abstruse Appropriation

Our highest scoring uncommon and our awesome devoid instant are amazing removal spells in today's list! It's pretty strong from where I am sitting, I hope you agree! Then the four cost exiles just like Utter End, but you can cast it with any color of mana instead of just lingering in their exile zone. Both are nasty new removal spells to add to your decks!

#11. Grist, Voracious Larva // Grist, the Plague Swarm

Grist, Voracious Larva // Grist, the Plague Swarm

Our back of five flip-walker is this mega cheap one-drop one! It has a base deathtouch and 1/1 body to play keep away and folks may not swing your way when it's out or block when you swing. Then you can flip it for just one extra Green mana when it or another dork came from your graveyard to the battlefield, and this is Golgari colors, so that could be things like Reassembling Skeleton or Bloodghast. You get a sizeable three-loyalty planeswalker which is nice for a one-drop flip-walker this easy to assemble, and your +1 will make a 1/1 Insect token to block attacks and keep alive - brilliant here. Then you self-mill two, and toss a deathtouch counter if what was milled was Black. Then you have -2 emergency removal once from its starting loyalty to Naturalize something, and that could be anything.

Good removal on a one-drop walker of the planes that makes 1/1 tokens to block that might be deathtouch and then self-mills too, good since you are clearly cognizant of that to get it to flip. I adore this as a cheap Commander with deathtouch, or in the 99 too! It's fun to run to the sun!

#10. Emperor of Bones

Emperor of Bones

Hitting our final Top Ten first is this mono-Black Hate Bear! It exiles, for free, one card in your combat step each turn from a graveyard, cast it precombat main phase and exile an opposing dork and more and more over time. Incidental graveyard hate like this is amazing, like Bojuka Bog or Scavenging Ooze. Then this has a trigger for when a +1/+1 counter would be put here to drop, for free, a dork you exiled and it has haste and a finality counter. Then it gets sacrificed in the end step. Added recursion to this, and then you can Adapt this once for two mana to give it counters to trigger its ability. This is a tight little two-drop package! Right?

#9. Herigast, Erupting Nullkite

Herigast, Erupting Nullkite

The first legendary emerge matters Commander is next! This nine-drop with two Red can be as cheap as two, but is likely to be more in the four or five cost thang. Then your other dorks get emerge as well equal to their casting cost. You can exile your hand and draw three when you cast this, but that's a may effect. Our own Stephen Johnson built around the Dragon half of him here: Herigast, Erupting Nullkite in Commander | Article by Stephen Johnson (coolstuffinc.com). Check it out!

#8. The Cycling Fetches

Bountiful Landscape

Our highest scoring Peasant/Pauper legal common on today's list are next with the 10-set of cycling fetches! They arrive untapped and tap for colorless. Then they can be tapped for no mana to fetch one of three land types, but this time basic. Then they can be cycled for one each of their color to draw that card! And often trigger that Commander's lands to graveyard trigger. This cycle of triad land fetches that cycle too are pretty nice they were named twice! From Five Color to Commander or even Pauper Commander, they are multilayer centric!

#7. Fanatic of Rhonas

Fanatic of Rhonas

This two-drop blocky body mama dork is next with a beefy butt of 1/4. Nice blocking! This taps for one normally and a massive four if you control a dork with four or more power. It's amazing in decks with a Commander of that size locked in. But it just makes Green, only not colorless and mana of any color, so I prefer the common mana Dryad to this in last week's list which also has deathtouch and then doesn't need any bells or whistles to make work! This has eternalize so it'll help itself with that copy at 4/4 size too, by the by. Get your ramp on!

#6. Nadu, Winged Wisdom

Nadu, Winged Wisdom

This popular Simic Commander three-drop on curve 3/4 body with flying is next. I already built around this Bird Wizard this week! Your dorks, twice a turn, will ramp the top land of your library untapped, or draw it, twice a turn, when they are targeted by anything. But note that's twice per dork. It's so card draw and ramp combined, and then my deck is pretty fun, I hope you'll check it out and agree with me. I also love this in the 99 of many decks with triggers loads too!

#5. Imskir Iron-Eater

Imskir Iron-Eater

Welcome to our final Top Five! This eight-drop 5/5 Rakdos colored has six generic mana and affinity for artifacts so it can be a low as two. Then when this ETBs, you get to draw an immense number of cards and lose that life equal to half your artifact count. Nasty card draw there! Then you can spend four to sac an artifact to shoot a target equal to its mana value, like Bosh, Iron Golem! This is amazing in Type Four with infinite mana but just one spell per turn, or as the leader of a Rakdos Commander Artifact/Treasure deck. Wowzer Bowzer!

#4. Harbinger of the Seas AND Winter Moon

Harbinger of the Seas
Winter Moon

Next are our two mass nonbasic land hosers in this set. The Blue one costs three for a 2/2 Merfolk that turns them into Islands just like classic Magus of the Moon into Mountains for that cost. It's a Merfolk for Fish decks and gives islandwalk to make your Lord of Atlantis stuff unblockable. It'll be key there, and downright bonkers in mono-Blue Commander decks too. The artifact costs two, and nonbasics lands can only be untapped one at a time instead of all at once. It's basically a more build-aroundable Winter Orb since you can just run basics. Since Frozen Fish combines Winter Orb with Merfolk, you can toss both there and really amp up the tempo-y pressure.

#3. Shilgengar, Sire of Famine

Shilgengar, Sire of Famine

All the last three cards are Orzhov. Our highest scoring legendary dork is this five-drop mono-Black cost 6/6 flying Demon with Orzhov colored identity. It has a free sac a critter ability you can use anytime for no costs to make a free Blood token for filtering. Did you sac an Angel? Awesome! Make its toughness in Blood instead! Then you can spend three mana, sac six Bloods, to recur all dead dorks to your battlefield as Vampires with finality counters on them. Nasty! Since you are in White, might I suggest blinking effects to remove the finality counters and another slate of ETB triggers? I think this is going to abuse and make relevant Angel decks by adding Black, but anything can use a free Blood token sac in the Command Zone or 99. Nicely done!

#2. Ocelot Pride

Ocelot Pride

Our top scoring mythic and one-drop in our final list is this Cat! It's a 1/1 body with first strike and lifelink. It also has ascend, too. In your end step you can make a free 1/1 Cat if you gained that life. Just once a turn though, unlike things like Ajani's Chosen. Then if you have the city's blessing, you can double your tokens made that turn. A token doubler on a 1/1 one-drop beater is nice, but there are a bunch of breaks here, like gaining life, or ascending, or just in your end step doubling so not on foe's turns and waiting until then. Hence it hits my third list overall. Not bad though!

#1. Warren Soultrader

Warren Soultrader

Our top card on our final list Is this three-drop three legit creature types mono-Black 3/3 sac engine! You can pay a life, but nothing else, no taps, no mana, to sac a dork a make a free Treasure to recast, which is better than Phyrexian Altar mana wise, but on a more easily answerable dork, and then you have to spend a life too. For all intents and purposes, this is basically another Phyrexian Altar or Ashnod's Altar to make that mana for free sacs for things like Aristocrats or sacrifice matters archetypes! Then you can toss this into Treasure builds in this color easily. It's an amazing way to end our list!

I hope that you enjoyed our final list! Next week is Commander Modern Horizons 3 new cards! Happy weekend all!

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