7 Wonders: Armada
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Global Brawl


Hello folks! I hope you are having a great day today!

Today I wanted to make a pair of Brawl decks featuring the pair of planeswalkers from the Global Series. This series is legal in Chinese Standard where it is being released more heavily, but you can find copies at your local store as well if you want to play with it. I have played it, and it feels like two fun casual decks, with no cards in it that would make an argument for Standard play.

Each of the decks has things it wants to do. Mu Yanling can make one of your dorks unblockable and she has a lot of flyers in the deck as well. Jiang Yanggu has some faster critters, as well as ways to pump them and a few power-matters effects. Yanggu has some reach creatures like Feiyi Snake and Giant Spider to interact with Yanling's flyers, while she can bounce something that Yanggu has enchanted or enhanced for the round with some effects in her deck. Both play well into each other.

And I thought that would be a cool place to go for a pair of Brawl decks.

Mu Yanling

Let's start with Mu Yanling. I like that she can have a ton of loyalty up front, and they she can either make something unblockable or draw you a pair of cards. I envision her having Standard cards with hit-triggers that can be useful with her first ability and some control to help her with her second. I also enjoyed her bounce, and I decided to push it for her Brawl deck. Here, take a look:

This is my Brawl Mu Yanling deck. I wanted a slower and casual build that's just fun to play.

There are a few things that I did here. First, I included stuff from her build like Nine-Tail White Fox or Stealer of Secrets for adding cards to your hand from an unblockable attack.

Nine-Tail White Fox
Stealer of Secrets
Seafloor Oracle

These are the sorts of cards that make Yanling happy.

I also pushed bounce, because I liked the tempo aspects it raises. There aren't a lot of counters here to answer everything that get's cast, so bounce not only gives you tempo, but can also put something back and ready for your counter after you draw it. The tempo is great because it can help keep you alive until your leader arrives.

I am pushing some card-drawing bounce first:

Drag Under
River's Rebuke

These will keep your card flow going while bouncing some things. Also note the power of River's Rebuke here as well, which is especially nasty if you are dueling with this Brawl deck.

My favorite bounce here are the many creatures that have it. All of these creatures are great because of their ability to add a key board presence while bouncing something. They can block, trade, or protect you pre- and post- Mu Yanling.

Riddlemaster Sphinx

In addition to some smaller bodies, my favorite is probably the 5/5 Riddlemaster Sphinx. It's a fine card for the deck! I also tossed in Detection Tower so you could bounce something that had hexproof.

I'm sad that Rogue's Passage isn't legal right now.

I also pushed some card drawing. We have cards like Pull from Tomorrow or creatures with card-drawing abilities like Sphinx of Magosi, Kefnet the Mindful or Mystic Archaeologist that are pretty cool.

I'm sure you noticed how great Jace, Cunning Castaway is with Mu Yanling right?

Jace, Cunning Castaway

His +1 works well with her unblockability. He can make flying dorks that force your foe to find targeting answers. And he can make some tokens of himself. But his +1 is the clear winner here and he features a strong presence.

I have a small combo engine here:

Psychic Corrosion

Given the big presence of card drawing in this deck, Psychic Corrosion feels like a natural fit! It's not broken, but it's a more chill, laid back option to push the synergy of this deck a little more nicely together.

My favorite card in here is likely the underappreciated Tempest Djinn.

Tempest Djinn

He's pretty good in this deck as a strong force that wants to smash people in the mouth.

And that's my Mu Yanling deck!

Next, Jiang Yanggu

Jiang Yanggu

What am I seeing for Yanggu? I do like that he can make a Mowu, and keep making it if something tries to kill it. I love attacking almost suicidially with Mowu, because your foe has to respect it, and if they trade or kill it, you'll just make another.

I play Mowu on his nice side normally, but if I pump him up with any of the various pump effects in the deck, I flip him to his angry side for the turn and then flip him back over:

I see Jiang Yanggu as playing with power-pumping, power-matters, and ramping. It's very easy to go off with his ultimate in play, so making that as potentially powerful as possible is great!

Let's look at mana-ramping, power-using threats.

Here you are!

Wild Wanderer
Shefet Monitor

Wild Wanderer is a perfect card to show off this deck. I didn't want to run an effect that grabbed a land, but then didn't do anything else with it. I wanted ramp. Wild Wanderer gives me ramp on a body. That makes me happy. And Shefet Monitor will ramp at instant speed!

Any three-mana effect that ramps will bring out your Commander on the 4th turn, so I'm just looking for anything that would work, frankly. Something like Grow from the Ashes is fine and it has the potential for two lands later, which helps your leader.

It also helps Blanchwood Armor and Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar.

Blanchwood Armor
Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar

Have you seen the awesome speed of Gigantosaurus? In a Mono-Green shell like this, that's a 10/10 on the 5th turn every time! We definitely want to use/abuse 10/10's that we can drop in the 5th (or 4th with a ramp spell). That thing is beefy.

On that note, I don't know if you noticed, you're your Yanggu can be used to accelerate a big beating stick. Which one?

Ghalta, Primal Hunger

Why this one of course! Activate the +2/+2 +1 ability of your leader to drop Ghalta's cost by two for the turn! That's pretty great! Big creatures and beefy bodies. Isn't this was Commander was supposed to be about? What happened to that? Well, Yanguu has got you covered!

Territorial Allosaurus
Prowling Serpopard

I tossed in a few cheaper friendly things as well. The Serpopard works well at coming down quickly and keeping others from countering your awesome dorks. NOPE! And even if you aren't playing against a deck with counters, it's still a 4/3 for three so there's no loss in your swinging power. You can cast the Territorial Allosaurus as a nice 5/5 for 4 mana or kicker it when you have the mana and the need to feed on an opposing creature.

Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma

But my favorite helper might be Goreclaw! It's ability to drop the costs on virtually every dork in this deck is nasty good. It also loves power-related themes. Not only are they cheaper, but when Goreclaw leads them into battle, everyone gets bigger and trample-er.

And that's not all!

Skalla Wolf
Wildest Dreams
Rishkar's Expertise
Vizier of the Menagerie

I don't just want to concede card drawing to Mu Yanling. Nope! Check out some of these great ways to drawing cards or adding card advantage options to the deck. From the Skalla Wolf grabbing you a free Green card on arrival to Vizier allowing you to cast the top dork on your library, this is a whole slate of awesome.

Want to abuse your power in other ways? Great!

Rabid Bite

Monstrous Onslaught
Nature's Way
Cultivator of Blades

All of these cards care about power. Most are variants of Fighting and we know what they are doing here. Monstrous Onslaught is a nasty Fight variant that will let your Gigantosaurus or Yanggu enraged 7/7 Allosaurus deal a ton of damage to folks. But the Cultivator of Blades is nice. If you cast it as a 3/3, then just Yanggu's +2/+2 will pump your entire team by +5/+5 when it swings. And if you ultimate'd it instead? Good night Chicago. That could easily be an attacking team that gets +10/+10 or more.

And there you are! Yanggu's big deck of beats.

I really hope that you liked today's two set of Brawl decks. I really enjoy the idea of building Brawl decks around these two 'walkers that are Standard legal but are otherwise unused. Because Brawl allows you to use a planeswalker as your leader, it feels like it has a lot of legs and could be used elsewhere.

So what did you think? Did you like my builds? Anything you want to add? Thanks for reading!