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Random Commander #20: Chromium for the Win-ium


Hello awesome folks! Happiest of Days today! Today I want to head back to one of my favorite series, building a Commander deck around a random Commander over at EDHREC.com's shuffle button like you would see on your iTunes music player.

This is the 20th deck I've created around a random card, and I do reserve some rules around what I'll take:

  1. I won't take anything illegal like silver-bordered leaders.
  2. I won't take anything that I have already built around in this series or in other series. Or in real life.
  3. Unless I have a unique take, I won't do a commonly played Commander, last time I got one of the most beloved and iconic Pillow Fort Commanders in Phelddagrif with a ton of decks, but I didn't have a unique take on it.

Ready for my shuffle button to take place?

I got...

Chromium, the Mutable

A remake of an original Elder Dragon that this format was originally named after (Elder Dragon Highlander). This is led by 725 decks over at EDHREC.com and they go in a few different directions like flash matters. I love this Esper colored flashable seven drop that cannot be countered, flies, and can be given hexproof by discarding a card. This is a mana free discard in the Command Zone, so this brew will have a discard matters and madness subtheme.

Key Dorks

Shadowgrange Archfiend

The first is a 5-drop 'Goyf that is the size of all creature cards in all graveyards, so it likes to grow over time. Then at the beginning of each player's upkeep (yours too) they discard a card, so it's a Bottomless Pit welded to a game-winning Mortivore. That will really disrupt others while giving you cards for madnessing. The Demon is a 7-drop 8/4 that on arrival to the battlefield forces each foe to sacrifice a dork with the greatest power, and you gain the highest power in life. It's a very strong madness of just three, but this does have a life loss of 8 but you gain life back, don't sleep on it.

Scion of Darkness was a classic of multiplayer after getting played and you saw it all over. This 8-mana 6/6 has trample and cycling 3. Then when it deals combat damage to a foe, you can reanimate a dead dork form their graveyard to the battlefield under your control. It's a powerful force of nature and if you cannot cast it, you can just cycle it to try and find a land or other key card.

Key Synergies and Win-Cons

Archfiend of Ifnir
Drake Haven

Check out these two synergies! The creature is an on-curve 5/4 flying and it cycles for two colorless. As you discard cards, you can toss a -1/-1 counter on each foe your opponents control. It scales up in multiplayer quite nicely as you have more foes to put counters on, and just one activation will kill a ton of dorks like Birds of Paradise, Mother of Runes, and Esper Sentinel. The enchantment is a 3-drop and when you discard you can spend a mana and then make a 2/2 with flying for the face punching. Love this pair from the same set quite a bunch!

Faith of the Devoted
Spirit Cairn

Check out these two uncommon enchantments that cost three mana! The former is a Black one that will let you spend a mana each time you discard a card to drain two life from your foes. The latter will let you spend a White mana when a player discards to make a 1/1 with flying. Note that this works on any discard not just yours. These are a nice tag team!

Bone Miser
Currency Converter

The Miser is a 4/4 that has a triad of self-discard triggers. Did you discard a dork? Make a 2/2 dork. Did you discard a land? Make two mana. Did you discard something else? Draw a card. All good stuff! This is very synergetic with this deck. The Converter is a 1-drop artifact that can exile when you discard and then tap to put it from exile to the graveyard and make a Treasure if it was a land, a 2/2 Rogue otherwise. And then you can spend two mana to tap it and draw and discard a card (called "looting" after Merfolk Looter that created it). Very similar that have multiple angles.

From Under the Floorboards
Gisa's Bidding

Check out this pair of Black Zombie token-makers. The rare is a 5-cost that makes a trio of tapped 2/2 Zombies and you gain a triad of life. Then you can madness it and then spend X to make X tapped 2/2s with that much life gained, which seems pretty game-winning from here. And then the uncommon is a 4-cost sorcery that makes two Zombies that are not tapped and can be madnessed with three mana. Nice token making duo that are fine without needing the madness cost.

Shark Typhoon
Decree of Justice

These are big win cons that I lean into. The enchantment can cycle for two and X and make an X-sized flyer. We also only have the expected amount of creatures in there, around 25, so you should get a few triggers here and there for the creature-making. The sorcery can cycle for three and X to make X 1/1 tokens at instant speed which is pretty quickly, love it loads here!

Key Answers

Welcome to the Fold
Ruthless Sniper

The Welcome is a 4-cost sorcery that will steal an opposing dork with two or one toughness. You can also madness it and then X it and steal a dork with X toughness so much bigger. The Sniper is a 1-drop 1/2 that will put a single -1/-1 counter on a dork after you discard a card and spend a mana. Nice removal over time. Stealing and killing that are both on queue! While we have some of the typical answers, but we're also looking toward Broken Concentration and Circular Logic, both of which can be cast at a discount for their madness cost. Love these loads!

Card Flow

Faithful Mending

I really wanted to lean on looting effects that draw and then discard. The enchantment is a key madness enabler since you can spend two mana, discard, and then draw, and then if you discard a madness you draw a card and get to cast it. You can cast the instant twice (flashback) for two life, two cards drawn, and two cards discarded for madness and discard triggers.

Obsessive Search is a 1-cost cantrip with madness, so you can easily discard it and draw a card from your discard effect. It turns a looting ability like Compulsion into card draw. Curator of Mysteries is a 4-drop 4/4 flyer that can cycle for one mana and turns your discarding into scrying 1. Nice card selection over time!

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria
Teferi, Master of Time

Check out my only two 'walkers. The Hero version of Teferi is a classic at the kitchen table. Five to drop, 4 loyalty, and a +1 that draws and untaps two lands, so that's why he is here. Don't forget to also -3 and tuck a key card like your opposing Commander. The Master is a masterstroke. (Sorry) Four mana, 3 loyalty, can +1 to loot and draw/discard, and then can do it on each opponent's turn as well as yours. Nasty card flow and discard and madness fun times commence. You can also -3 him to phase out an opposing dork after it attacks you at instant speed. Nasty card flow fun times!

Mana and Lands

Hedron Archive
Worn Powerstone

Since my randomly selected leader costs 7 mana, I am running a bunch of mana rocks that tap for 2 or more mana. The Archive is a 4-drop that taps for 2 and then can be sacrificed for two and a draw of two cards in response to (mass) removal that hits it or once you have set up your mana. The 'Stone is a three drop that taps for two and arrives tapped.

The Celestus
Rogue's Passage

The Manalith here is the only mana rock that makes just one mana. But you can turn day to night and night to day as a sorcery, and when you do you gain a life, draw a card, and discard a card, which is great from your mana rock. The Passage is here since your deck wants to swing with a 7-powered Commander that already has flying but you could use this if your foe has flyers or reachers. It can also help some of the bigger things in here like the Necrogoyf and the combat damage trigger of Scion of Darkness.

Raffine's Tower
Geier Reach Sanitarium
Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire

I am running every land that has cycling in this deck in my colors since we'll need triggers once my mana base is set. I am running a full 40 lands, no modal lands we have enough tapped ones with the cycling lands. Plus Ash Barrens will let me basic landcycle on the first turn for the missing color that we need.

The Sanitarium will tap for two and let everyone draw and then discard for triggering fun times. I am also running all three channel lands that arrive untapped and tap for that color of mana. Nice group, right?

Ready for my deck?

Humbling Homura | Commander | Abe Sargent

And there we go! What did you think of my Chromium brew? What would you do and in what direction would you hew? Let me know in the comments below!

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