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Random Top Ten from Midnight Hunt


Hello happy people! I am writing this article on September 8th, as we are about halfway-ish through preview season. I am excited to take a deep dive into this set, but it's too early for a Top Ten, and usually if I wait until the full spoiler hits, I won't have time to write it up. It takes me a while to really invest the time into these lists to do them justice.

So, what is a fan to do?

I wait until the new cards post at 11:00 am on the day I am writing this and then I begin this article! What I am doing is tossing dice figuratively on random.org and then writing about the random card I select from the spoiler that's posted over here.

How many cards are posted as of today, not counting basics? 151 including flip cards! (100 is Fleshtaker in gold) I'll choose all of the cards randomly and then keep them in the random order.


Let's start with #21. There are 20 white cards so that's the first blue card which is...

#10. Consider


This 1-mana common Blue instant was one of the first cards spoiled from the set. It's basically an improved Opt that surveils 1 rather than scries 1. An improved Opt in most decks is pretty good. It'll see play in Commander and other kitchen table formats all over the place! I would be shocked not to see it in tournaments as well as it's better than Opt in graveyard caring decks. Standard? Maybe Modern? Yup!

Next up is #97 which is just a few cards short of Fleshtaker, it's...

#9. Dire-Strain Rampage

Dire-Strain Rampage

This fun gold Gruul sorcery! You can destroy target artifact, enchantment and or land, and your foe will ramp a basic land unless you destroyed a land in which case, they'll ramp two. It's basically the Path to Exile of Gruul. You can flashback this fun three cost effect and then get another run around the bin. Don't forget that you can target your stuff if you need to ramp up. If you target your own land, it's basically Harrow, which is pretty good. I like it a lot! It's great for multiplayer, Commander, kitchen table brews, and more, but I doubt it'll make a big imprint in Tournament Land. I won't be shocked if this cracks the back part of my various Top Ten Lists I do for the set.

Next up? How about #5. It's in White and it's:

#8. Celestus Sanctifier

Celestus Sanctifier

Another common! This is a decent 3-mana 3/2 that forces it to become day on arrival to the battlefield if it's neither night or day. As the day passes, you can look at the top two cards of your library and, if you want, put one into your graveyard. Note that you cannot change their order, so if you want both in a different order you are out of luck. This strikes me as a decent Limited option in decks that are going night to day pretty frequently, and a 3/2 for 3 mana won't embarrass you. It's fine, but nothing to get excited over.

What's after the Sanctifier? How about #147? That is...

#7. Devoted Grafkeeper // Departed Soulkeeper

Devoted Grafkeeper // Departed Soulkeeper

This is a nice 2-drop 2/1 that arrives to the battlefield and mills you two cards to help build up that graveyard. And then as you cast stuff from your 'yard you can tap stuff. When the first version of this dies you can disturb it for 3 mana and net a 3/1 flyer that can only block flyers. I see this uncommon as more of a Limited card, but you could certainly build around it there!

The sixth overall card is #87 and that's...

#6. Turn the Earth

Turn the Earth

...this card! I love this flashbacking uncommon. It's just a Green mana instantly to shuffle up to three target cards in graveyards and gain you 2 life as well. Note that you target the cards, so you can use this to shuffle multiple player's cards. You can cast this when a foe goes to reanimate or cast Living Death and pull two cards from their 'yard and one from another foe's. You can use this to guard your graveyard against mass removal like Bojuka Bog or Tormod's Crypt. You can also flash it back to play this game again. You can also use it to reload your deck with the goods and then use a tutor to find them. This shuffles for things like Sensei's Divining Top and Sylvan Library. Good stuff!

Our first card in the Top 5 is #19 and that would be...

#5. Unruly Mob

Unruly Mob

When I saw this card in the spoilers, I thought about another White card named Angry Mob that was printed in The Dark, and then reprinted in a couple of core sets. It's a fun thing that can get bigger over time, and turn into a game-ender, a creature big enough to kill in one hit, although that takes a lot of effort in this case, unlike Angry Mob which could kill in one hit with trample and the right scenario. Good card for Limited and Aristocrat Commander decks that seek to go up with their self-sacrificing effects. Good Mob!

Our next random card is #147 and that was already "rolled," so now we get #63 which is...

#4. Thermo-Alchemist


This reprint! This 2-mana defender is an 0/3 that can block okay all day long and can tap to shoot opposing dorks for a damage, and will untap when you cast an instant or sorcery, so it winds up being a good aid into Spellslinger decks at the kitchen table. I've seen it in the Commander format regularly, and there are 6,419 decks registered with it over at EDHREC.com. It's half of a Guttersnipe's trigger but you can always use this even if you don't cast an instant or sorcery, so it has value. Good Human Shaman!

Next up is #109 and that's...

#3. Rootcoil Creeper

Rootcoil Creeper

How about another gold creature and our third (sorta, we had a flip card) gold card overall? I got you, babe! I love this 2-drop 2/2 a lot that seems like a fun draft target that they have in uncommon in each set to signal how to draft that color combination. You want flashback with this Plant Horror. It's a nice, 2/2 on-curve tapper of mana that can trade or swing after the mana isn't needed. Drop it early. You can tap it for double mana for a flashback or disturb. It's good in the draft, and I can certainly see it making the cut in constructed formats and tournaments outside of limited if the card support is there.

Two cards left! The first is #67, and that is...

#2. Brood Weaver

Brood Weaver

What song went through my head when I read this card's title? Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver!" Now it'll be in yours as well (if you know the song)! This is a reprint, sorta, of Giant Spider. Both are 2/4s for 3G and have reach. This adds a death trigger, which makes it the better card. When the Dream...er...Brood Weaver dies you'll get a 1/2 Spider with reach for no mana down. It'll be good in limited where you can keep up the pressure even after it's answered. As a creature with a death trigger that makes another body it might draw interest in the occasional Aristocrats build here and there but I doubt many will look that way, as there are better roads to travel in that direction. Enjoy the Spider of Broods!

One card left baby! What'll it be?

61! That's three cards in the 60s, weird right?

That's this card...

#1. Purifying Dragon

Purifying Dragon

This is a fun little uncommon Dragon, right? 5 mana for a 4/3 flyer in Red is pretty strong for Limited. Most uncommon or common red Dragons are 3/3 for 5 mana so I'm happy that this is bigger on the front end. When this bad boy swings you can shoot an opposing creature for 1 damage unless it's a Zombie (then it eats 2 damage, enough to kill the decayed Zombie tokens in this set). I really enjoy it here a lot for Limited as it'll win games in the sky and gives you board control. It's a pretty nifty powerhouse there. Enjoy the Dragon'ing!

And there we go! Did you enjoy my deep dive into these 10 cards from Midnight Hunt? Anything in here that you are excited to crack open? Just let me know!

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