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Random Top Ten From Commander Legends


Hello folks! I hope you are doing well and keeping yourself safe in our modern COVID-19 world! Have you been following along with the spoilers for Commander Legends? I certainly have! I check out articles and spoilers each day to see where we are.

You know me. I am the one with randomly selected Commander for the Random Commander series as well as a random Top Ten where I take ten random cards from Gatherer and turn them into a detailed article. Two weeks ago, I wrote a Random Top Ten and chose cards and then investigated them. I've played long enough that I have played every random card I've gotten save for one.

We're early in the spoiler season and I didn't have enough cards spoiled for me to give you my Top Ten Combos from a New Set article. (I write a week ahead of time). But I was still excited to talk about the set. What would I do?

Then inspiration hit me. What if I tossed dice and chose the card based on its number in the list? I'll allow myself reprints as well as new cards. I have percentile dice, and then will count the number of cards down starting with that number.

What numbers and cards will I hit? Let's look!

I start with 23. The 23rd card on Thursday, October 29 is...

10. Merchant Raiders

Merchant Raiders

It's Merchant Raiders! Hello fans of Pirates! You've got a nice one here, right? It taps and locks down a dork for as long as you control Merchant Raiders, giving you a bit of blue power. It reminds me of another four-mana drop, Dungeon Geists, which is a bit better although a bit harder to drop. I really like the Raiders as a great adjunct, and they'll answer any creature-based bomb that someone drafted. They are also easier to find in limited as an uncommon. I really like them!

Our next is #72. What is the 72nd card in the spoiler?

9. Three Visits

Three Visits

This is a Portal: Three Kingdoms' reprint. It represents a time in the story where the ruler Liu Bei, Lord of Shu visits a potential adviser, Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon" and is rejected twice before he humbles himself and visits a third time, when the potential adviser agrees to join him. This is the best Rampant Growth variant for many decks as it will get any Forest, not just basics, so you can get a dual land for two-mana or even a three-mana land like Indatha Triome. It's pretty good in a lot of places and you can get another run in the sun with it, so enjoy the reprint!

What's next? I toss a 52. What's the 52nd card on the spoiler list?

8. Emberwilde Captain

Emberwilde Captain

It's this! It's another Pirate for those who care and love the tribe. It's also a Djinn which is pretty rare in Red they usually get Efreet, so that's cool. It draws a card as you'll be the Monarch at least once for card drawing. Plus it protects the Monarchy with it's second ability as it'll dole out damage to those with a decent number of cards in their grip, although that's something they can control, so they can dump their hand and then swing at you for the Monarch without any push back from your Djinn Pirate. If they do that? It's worth it. That's a lot of battlefield changing the Emberwilde Captain can bring to the table. Get ready!

Next? #28.

7. Siren Stormtamer

Siren Stormtamer

It's another reprint. I run this in one of my Commander decks. It's an Edric, Spymaster of Trest deck with a bunch of evasive dorks and some cheap tempo tricks to draw a lot of cards and this is both an evasive body for a mana and one that brings a useful counter to the build without causing the problem of taking up a valuable noncreature slot. I really like it there! It reminds me of a better Spiketail Hatchling, which is also in my deck. It doesn't suck!

What's next you want to know? Okay!

I toss an 04. What's that?

6. Doomed Traveler

Doomed Traveler

Another one-drop reprint in adjacent colors. Fun! That's pretty cool, right? Right! I like it too. It was played a lot in limited as well as Standard in its first print run. It's useful as a sacrifice engine fodder as it's cheap and nets a 1/1 flyer for the cause upon death which nets you another piece of fodder. I enjoy the flavor it has as well, as the Spirit it leaves behind feels like someone's soul haunting them after their body dies. That really sells the plane of Innistrad which it was printed on. I enjoy Lars Grant-West's art here as well with a spooky and well-illustrated village in the background. I've run this in many a limited build and 60 card deck, but never in Commander although I remain open to the idea.

And that finishes up my back five, so you know what? Let's push the random choices for the next five after the spoiler is revealed and we may wind up with some newly revealed cards!

Goodbye Thursday!

Hello Friday!

All right now we have more than 100 cards spoiled. We have 126 options. I will divide up the number by two, toss a d6 and if I get a 1-3 I'll take the first 63 and then if a 4-6 the latter 63. I'll also reroll a 64-100. Ready?

I toss a 94 on the percentile dice with a 4. Nope! Now I toss 2 and 42.

What's the 42nd card on Friday's spoiler?

5. Supreme Will

Supreme Will

I don't run many Mana Leak effects in Abe's Deck of Happiness and Joy. That's a Highlander Five-Color multiplayer deck with thousands of cards! The problem with Mana Leaks is that they aren't hard counters and you often hold onto them in the mid or late game and they are bad top decks. But with Supreme Will you have the latter option and you can just Impulse instead. it's really flexible as a card as a result, but it's one more mana than either Impulse or Mana Leak to make up for it. Which is worth it to my mind. I run it in Abe's Deck of Happiness and Joy. You can get value out of it as well!

What's next? I toss a 6 and a 42. I may not have tossed those percentile dice well. Ah well let's keep it. 42 + 63 is 105, What is the 105th card on the spoiler?

4. Bladegriff Prototype

Bladegriff Prototype

Awesome, it's a new card and not a reprint! This fun artifact Griffin is a useful 5-drop that you can toss anywhere. Did you smash someone with its flying ability? Awesome! Next is the ability to destroy a targeted permanent of that player's choice. Now they can't choose your stuff they have to choose their own in a duel or likely a foe of both of you in multiplayer. That makes this card really great at politics as some players may invite the attack and the three damage in order to off something you both need to take out of the battlefield. It's awesome!

What's next?

I toss a 6 and a 92. Nope! Then a 6 again and a 10. 63 + 10 is 73 - What's the 73rd card on the spoiler?

3. Meteoric Mace

Meteoric Mace

It's the Mace. This fun uncommon piece of equipment. It's beefy on the cost and equip and you aren't likely to run it save for that last ability which changes everything. The higher a casting cost is the better it is for a cascade deck, right? Right! You can really abuse this with cards that manipulate your library like Sensei's Divining Top or Soothsaying. That way you can ensure the biggest possible cascade effect to maximize your six-mana investment. This will always bring a free spell to the party! That's pretty cool, n'est pas?

Now we've got two cards left so what's next?

I toss another 6 with a 21. What's the 84th card on our list?

2. Imperious Perfect

Imperious Perfect

My main issue with this card is the title. Everything else works well, the art, the static ability, the tap ability to make a token that is pumped by the static ability. I think it's the best Lord in Elves that pumps the whole team. But that name. The problem is that Perfect and Prefect are to similar and it's not like Perfect is used as a noun or that often as a title. It reads like "Imperious Prefect" which is the better name. But I love the card otherwise!

One card left, what will it be?

I toss a 1 and a 99. Too high. Then a 2 and a 14. What's the 14th card?

1. Prava of the Steel Legion

Prava of the Steel Legion

We will finish with this fun new card! I enjoy this unusual increase of the toughness of tokens. Might I suggest tag teaming it with an attacking required toughness matters Golgari partner named Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper? Anyways, this loves tokens and makes them. This loves toughness loving concepts. This loves decks that seek to swing with its pump on your turn. Prava proffers a lot of value!

And that's it! That finishes my random review of the latest spoiling set Commander Legends. What did you think? I hope that you enjoyed it!

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